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  2. Add me on skype wayne Skype: Gaaaaaaaaame That MSN obsolete now haha

  3. Bump - Eco reset, 50+ online. Minigame updates coming up soon. Also, request to change the topic name to CorruptionX 562
  4. Remember me? :p

  5. Great job so far man. Now that eco's out, I'm definitely joining.
  6. Rock caves released on 562, more info here [url]http://corruptionx.com/f2/rockcaves-55951/[/url]
  7. [quote name='Danielius']What kind of pictures would you like? We have Castle Wars,etc..[/QUOTE] Skilling, PvM, Minigames? A GIF of you showing a special isn't going to tempt me to come.
  8. How's cx going?

  9. Omg alphascape <3

  10. More info on the 666 economy plan - [url]http://corruptionx.com/showthread.php?t=54524[/url]