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  1. Goodbye RetardLocus! I never seen childest childs than you, and that's why you and the full forum failed. Maybe one day everyone see whats going on here..^^ There's only the donators who pay for this shit is respected, everyone who really deserve a nice word is nothing than a "kid". Oh noobs.. grow up first, then you understand everything on this fucking world. Anyways Ikiliki, you failed 571x761*. :) You're the first person I wish grow up as soon as possible. Because you know something, created a forum with many ppl, not means you're someone. And finally to earn my third warn. 'Fuck your mama, bitching childs. The fuck care what you crying in this fucking shit forum, what created to show how retarded the English ppls are.' ...honorable exceptions!
  2. [quote name='david v2']Not letting me change it, otherwise I would.[/QUOTE] Copy the content, report this topic and re-create it. That's the best what you can do then.
  3. My last post in this forum: Change the name of the topic if you wanna keep it. - Only the name and the revision allowed on topic names. No IP's, No URL's or anything else, only the name and the revision allowed. You find the section rules at the top of 'Advertisment Area' forum.
  4. [quote name='whackatre']Oh my goodness... are you mentally ill?[/QUOTE] And who asked you? I'm pretty sure you are, but all what I said is true. You just lick to Ikiliki because he is the admin of the RuneLocus, and you try to be his friend to avoid all trouble in this forum. To be honest.. as I seen I am the one who don't afraid to tell the truth.^^
  5. [quote name='Balla']You sir are a clown, If you have ever owned an IPhone witch i can clearly state you have not. You would see IPhone Actually add's that itself . Google it.[/QUOTE] I don't need anything shit like an iPhone to enjoy my life. EDIT: Anyways, who asked you? You just continue your suggesting or do something else.
  6. [quote name='Ikiliki']We're already working on a very large project/overhaul that will give this website a new life, you can find some information in this board and the complaints board. We aren't releasing much information yet though. But don't worry. Rewarding people with, lets say, 10 votes, for making 100 posts is just plain stupid. I guess you do not know the meaning of the word "vote"? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk[/QUOTE] Rofl! You think you're an epic person if you mention your shitty iPod in all your posts? That's very childish. 'See my new phone, guys! My mother worked so hard to buy it for me!!' - And the sad is that was my best friend. Lol!
  7. Change the name of the topic if you wanna keep it. - Only the name and the revision allowed on topic names. No IP's, No URL's or anything else, only the name and the revision. Next time take a look at the section rules before you create a topic. You can change the name, or report this post to a moderator and copy the content of this topic and create a new one. You can read the section rules here: [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?48187-Advertisement-Sectional-Rules-UPDATED-*READ-OR-YOU-MAY-BE-INFRACTED*"]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?48187-Advertisement-Sectional-Rules-UPDATED-*READ-OR-YOU-MAY-BE-INFRACTED*[/URL]
  8. I hate EoC. WoW Copy, hard handling, boring and unfair, I lost my last account when when RS announced it. Lmao:'(
  9. Teleport interfaces looks cool, but should looks better with other pics. Good luck anyways!
  10. im a nubcake

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    [CENTER] <3[IMG]http://i1147.photobucket.com/albums/o556/Emperrorr/transparentworldpeace.png[/IMG]<3 <3 <3 <3[/CENTER]
  11. [quote name='pinhead936']Done, thanks.[/QUOTE] No problem. I'll here to help till my server is ready to publish. lol
  12. Maybe you can change it by click on 'Edit Post'. If you can't change it, I suggest to save everything in this topic, and delete it. If you can't delete, simple wait till a moderator delete it, then create a new advertisment by follow the section rules. As I said above, only the name and revision allowed in the topic name. The topic contents seems okay, you don't need to change anything on it.