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  1. thank you, everyone says that when you log-in.
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  3. Hello i am iPk i owner of Lavascape i want to get a VPS so my server dosent lagg and its 24/7. Can anyone help i was thinking of buying it off here. [URL="http://porthosts.com"]This website here.[/URL]
  4. Here is some proof.. [URL="http://newreality317.org/Index.php"]Click here to see the proof.[/URL] Post what you think below.
  5. Hello title says it all screenshot below. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6909[/ATTACH]
  6. ok thank you but then this happens.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6908[/ATTACH]
  7. Hello the title says it all, i have a picture below. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6907[/ATTACH]
  8. Hello, What is the grand exchange tent object id or what is it called like in g.e what they stand in :P
  9. well thats easy to do beatz2995.
  10. Hello i have downloaded NRS3Server v4 and i have portdfowarded correctly and i can connect on, and but when i try to connect on my NO-IP ip it dosent let me connect. I know i have portfowaded correctly because i have done it before and it worked. -thanks
  11. How do i find my starting controller in HomeCutScene.java?