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  1. [b][u][color=red]STILL[/b][/u][/color] looking for help!!!
  2. Hey guys, I am looking into starting a "real" RSPS. And by real, I mean hosted on a VPS and stuff. I was wondering if someone can point in the right direction as to where I can get a good hoster and any other tips I need to starting a server. Thanks, Motivade
  3. Still looking for some help on how to get an "itemdef editor". Thanks!
  4. [quote name='storm powner']you need an itemdef editor[/QUOTE] Where would I get one?
  5. The title says it all. I want to figure out how I can edit item stats on a 714. Please help? :confused:
  6. I tried to make myself admin in Player.java, compiled the source and everything. I'm still not admin. Help? EDIT: Okay, got ^that^ problem fixed. Now, as an admin you can't spawn things? How does this work?? Is it possible to spawn stuff?