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  1. [INDENT]Could someone send me all of the shop ids with the owner of the shop and what version it is? I believe my source and client is delta, although the items are not their so I am not sure. Example of what it looks like in my client.java: } else if ((NPCID == 522) || (NPCID == 523)) { // Shop Keeper + Assistant PutNPCCoords = true; WanneShop = 1; // Varrock General Store Thank you for responding I learned how to code really basic like npc's and npc's drops and the shops within an hour from teaching myself and I need is the ids because not all of them are in the client.java for reference. Thank you, Like I said I'm new to this and using a 317 gameframe which can use some 474 items so I'm not all quite sure.[/INDENT]