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  1. bro i love the v1 it will be more than great if u can make a v2 lOL im just a shit well i like i mean love the v1 if u can it will be great for a v2 :)

  2. [CENTER][IMG]http://rspstemplate.comxa.com/img/logo1.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [COLOR="#800080"][SIZE=5][CENTER]A Little Piece Of Heaven a.k.a ALPOH[/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR] [CENTER]This is a new updated development thread to tell you more about the people and concepts behind "A Little Piece Of Heaven. [COLOR="#00FF00"]Coders are, Frost and Alex, and Nic Modeller is Amy Webb GFX Designer and Banner maker is Axel S Web Dev - Nic[/COLOR] [CENTER][SIZE=4]Stay Updated by registering on Website - [URL="http://alpoh.tk"]Click Here[/URL][/SIZE][/CENTER] So what do we have to offer that is so different? Well..... We have decided that we have had enough of people playing the same old servers over and over again. I for one am bored of the whole Private server coding. Lots of Moparians Flame new developers on leeching peoples sources and clients but in a way haven't we all?? Paul and Andrew Gower brought us this amazing game. "Runescape" This shaped most of our childhoods and I know that it brought us alot of joy. But now jagex had sadly decided it is time for them to take back there server and has taken down some of the most well known Rsps' out there. So we decided why not make something completley unique with out it being a complete failure. Of course we will still be using Runescape as a base but we want it to become something more than just a private server we want it to become a game of its own. So what we are adding....[/CENTER] [SIZE=5][CENTER]Leveling gems[/CENTER][/SIZE] [CENTER]Well Firstly I thought it would be a good idea to have all skills go to 120 as it would then be easier for us to incorporate a new idea that I have had which is. When you reach level 15 in any combat skill a gem will appear in your inventory and this can be used on the corresponding Attire so for example if you reached level 15 in attack you could then use this gem on the weapon you were wielding at that time and for a period of time your weapon would deal increased damage or would have increased damage. This would increase the hits in percentages so for example increase your overall damage by 5%.[/CENTER] [SIZE=5][CENTER]MiniGames[/CENTER][/SIZE] [CENTER]Most people who play private servers want to enjoy the game and don't like sweating one single skill all the time to make money. So we have decided to design and implement a new minigame.[/CENTER] [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF0000"][CENTER]Slave Trade MiniGame[/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE] [CENTER]The concept is simple. Upon teleporting to the minigame Npc you should talk to him and ask to start the minigame. Upon clicking this you will be teleported to a cave full of Npc's of all different levels [The higher the Npc the higher the drop rate of tokens] These Npc's will then proceed to drop tokens when killed [These tokens will be rare as the more you collect the more rewards you get daily.] After recieving a token as a drop. so for example I got a Gobling slave (Mining) token as a drop I would go and talk to the Npc and click the [Exchange Token] option upon doing so the token will dissapear and you will start gaining resources from the slave mining for you. [These resources can be collected every 24 hours and you may only spend an hour maximum killing these Npc's a day. There will also be a chance upon getting a Goblin Slave (Thieving) that the Goblin slave may steal a slave from another encampment therefore you could gain more Slaves from doing no work. [SIZE=5][COLOR="#0000FF"]The People Killing Skill[/COLOR][/SIZE] Most servers are either a spawn pk or an eco server. There really are none inbetween this over the years has annoyed me and I have decided to come up with a skill that doesnt make people killing seen as an xp waste. On most private servers people mainly pk to gain pk points, well I thought that wouldnt it be more fun to make it where only skilled pkers could teleport to certain parts of the wilderness? Then wouldnt it be easier for skilled pkers to get better fights? That is exactly what I have done. Why not also make it so to wield Statius and Zuriels you need to have a pk level of above 60 this would also stop rich people from just going out and owning people with their max str gear. Another thing would be that once you can wear Zuriels and Statius why not make it so the PK level also determines the ammount of time it takes for the armour to degrade. The simple Equation I have come up with is L * 2 = T in minutes. so simply when you can first wield Statius it will last for 120 mins of Wearing/Combat. Also a certain ammount of cash shall drop automatically when the opponent dies. [The higher level the opponent the more cash will be dropped. [SIZE=5][COLOR="#DDA0DD"]Necromancy[/COLOR][/SIZE] This will be a teleport based interface which will come along with a new spell book that I am in the process of designing. This skill will allow you to teleport to higher level more interesting places as you progress through the skill. This skill will become unlocked at level 10 summoning and level 20 magic. There will be 3 main ways to gain xp in this skill 1: Summoning new monsters (Quick xp but costly) 2: Casting offensive spells to kill Npc’s (Cheaper worth it for the damage caused) 3: Teleporting to places or teleporting other people to places (Slowest xp but can make money selling teleports to people) Note: When using the spell book for offensive and teleporting spells you will also gain magic xp Note: When summoning Necromancical monsters you will also gain summoning xp [CODE]Pain of anguished terror: sends a bolt of dark matter at your opponent then binds them. (Chance of double damage as there is a 5% chance a zombie will crawl out and attack them.) Scream of hell: A push back spell that will propel your enemy away from you (12% chance of your enemy becoming stunned) (this can be used to escape from the wilderness) (also has a 20% chance of inflicting damage to your opponent)Power of unambiguity: Fires a jet of ice at you opponent (causing a maximum damage of 500hp and has a 25% chance of causing 75 damage every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.) Void of unintended circles: Teleports your attacker to a random place on the map. Summoning; Dark matter: A summonable Npc that can be summoned to aid you in combat will have a special attack that will propel black tar at your opponent which will decrease their accuracy dramatically. Marking titan: A titan that will aid people using range in combat. It will provide an increase in accuracy for all ranges weapons for duration of 5 minutes after the special was casted. Raging titan: Will aid people who are using melee will increase their max hit and will increase their max hit by 5% Mystical titan: Will increase the rate of casts by 20% meaning that mages can fire spells quickly. (will be useful for hybriding) [/CODE] [SIZE=5][COLOR="#B22222"]City Clans[/COLOR][/SIZE] Most servers usually use clans as a way of creating a gambling circle. We think this is boring and have come up with the idea to add more rivalry to the game. Upon logging in you will be able to choose what city you wish to represent the choices will be; Varrock Lumbridge Edgeville Ardougne Barbarian village Falador Upon choosing you city your home teleport will then become that city and you will be awarded with a tabard showing that you represent that certain city. (To keep up to date with the city clan fights that will be happening join the cc of your chosen city.) All fights will happen in the wilderness and you will lose the items you risk when you die. City-Clan banks; This new banking system will allow players to donate items and money to the clan bank. The bank will then hold the money donated for 1 week and at the end of the week the top 5 ranking Pvpers of the winning city will scoop up the donations of all the other cities. Clan banks; The clan bank will work very simply you can make a clan by registering it at your chosen city and then you can start recruiting people. Pvm clans will make the most money out of this as every drop you get from a Boss or just a normal monster 2% of the value of the drop will automatically be placed in coin form into the clan bank. Note: the owner is the only person who can withdraw from the clan bank. [COLOR="#00FFFF"][SIZE=5]New Slayer[/SIZE][/COLOR] Because of the new skills we will be implementing we need the new skills to actually have a purpose in-game so I thought why not create custom slayer dungeons and areas that you can only access using the Necromancy skill. This would give people another incentive to try to level up in all skills. There will not be a “monster teleport” like in most private servers you will have to actually walk around to find Npc’s this will make it harder to train. We will also be adding Duo-slayer which will let two players with near enough the same slayer levels complete a single task together meaning you kill more in less time whilst getting 2/3rds of the reward for ½ the time. [SIZE=5][COLOR="#000000"]Removing Dull Armour[/COLOR][/SIZE] We have also decided that we have had enough of Runescapes rubbish same old armour and are in the process of designing a lot of new armours to add to the game. This would let us make stronger and weaker armours and really try to balance out the combat triangle. [SIZE=5][COLOR="#0000FF"]New Custom Quests[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Intzoxicated Tzak Rak Jad[/SIZE] This quest if you choose to accept it once completed will allow you to kill Jad to obtain the fire cape and will also allow you to wear all obsidian weapons and armours (These weapons and armours are going to be remodelled and have their stats changed.) Rewards: 10k Herblore Xp 25k Strength Xp 20k Range Xp Xp lamp worth 13k Xp Ability to challenge Jad Ability to wear Obsidian armour Story: Jad has had a rough night and is suffering from a massive hangover (Custom Npc Jad’s keeper is worried that he cannot fight his challengers today.) Before you complete this Quest if you try to enter Jad’s cave this message will come up “Jad is too ill for you to fight him today talk to his keeper to see what’s up.” To start this quest you will need to talk to Jad’s keeper and he will instruct you on what to do. “Jad needs a special hangover cure could you please find me the ingredients?” The Ingredients will need to be added to the Vial of water in the correct order. You will need 1 x Eye of newt 1 x Torstol Herb 1 x Ogre bone 1 x Frost Dragon bone 1 x Ice cube Until you add the Ice cube the potion will be shown as “unf” in you inventory but as soon as you add the Ice cube it will become “Jad’s fighting spirit.” To complete the quest just talk to Jad’s keeper and click “I have the potion!” Congratulation you have completed Intzoxicated Tzak Rak Jad!! [SIZE=5]What else will this server have??[/SIZE] 100% Prayers including Turmoil and Soulsplit 100% magicks (Ancients and Lunars) Jad with 64 waves and no logging out to start waves Chaotics Full summoning Fully working Crucible Unique custom home (made for fun) Full Squeal of fortune Automated Double xp weekends (for when I host) Godwars with kill count Full Dagganoths Grand exchange (But with custom interfaces want it to be more of an auction house) All pets rewritten Price loading Full price checker Full trade checking with a trade wealth check (stopping people getting scammed) Full Nex and Nomad Full King Black Dragon Full Tormented Demons Unique teleporting interface All specials work HD and Full screen working on being able to have pets attack for you in the wilderness Degrading Pk armour with correct degrading times Miasmic Barrage Clan wars Castlewars Duo Slayer Multi cannon [CENTER]There is a lot more to come! Remember to stay updated by registering on our Website!! [SIZE=4]Website - [URL="http://alpoh.tk"]Click Here[/URL][/SIZE][/CENTER] [SIZE=6]Pictures Will be coming very soon!![/SIZE][/CENTER]
  3. [quote name='MrCanada']Ouch, your free template is a little messed up, do you have any HTML/CSS knowledge? Everything is off centered and not in the right place. Also I hope you host this offshore Jail breaking is illegal.[/QUOTE] Jailbreaking is not illegal. Apple just just does not assist you for anything, and your warinty goes but all you have to do is restore to factory settings
  4. Hey Guys just wanted to share with you guys the project I have been working on for the past week or 2! I have finished the home screen, downloading page and added the simmulation page! Working on the others such as the blog! Please come and check it out on how you like it! Might release this template for other users to use! Please comment your opinions positive or negative! Website - [URL="http://jailbreakteam.eu.pn"]Click here[/URL]
  5. Could anyone give me some ideas and tips on what this home template needs! I am struggling on how to make a decent footer but could not do it.. Here is my site - [URL="http://jailbreakteam.eu.pn"]http://jailbreakteam.eu.pn[/URL] Please comment your ideas and opinions!!
  6. Finally after a long time of waiting it is finally here! IOS 6 Jailbreak Untethered Compatible with all Apple Devices running on IOS 6 through 6.1 Download Here - [URL="http://www.ios6jb.freevar.com"]Click here[/URL]
  7. [QUOTE='Xiles;707817]Thanks for this :D Will be needing.[/QUOTE] No Prob!
  8. For people out there who have Iphones, Ipods, Ipads and are currently running on IOS 6 through 6.1 then I have news or you! A Untethered Jailbreak is near release and I decided to make an alternative download site for the Jailbreak! The founder of this jailbreak is the evasi0n team which the official site is linked on my site! If you are interested in jailbreaking, stay updated on the progress bar! My Alternative Download Site - [URL="http://ios6jb.freevar.com"]Click Here[/URL] The Jailbreak works on all Devices (Iphone 5, 4s, 4) (Ipod 5, 4) All Ipads
  9. Experience in Website dev(Years): umm like 1 year Can you show me some previous work?: [url]http://templatetest.host56.com/[/url] Skype name: forgot it but if you need it il find out Note(Anything else you may want to add): Not to good in PHP but html is my strong part
  10. [quote name='iOmega']I actually like this. I also stumbled upon a tutorial for your login panel and login system whilst researching some for my own personal project. I think you've done well, try to work further into the template and add the other pages etc.. so people can see what content will fill what area. Keep it up, good work. ++[/QUOTE] Thank you!!
  11. [quote name='Seannn']Control panel is broken...[/QUOTE] The only button that works on the control panel is the log out button. I didnt add links to pages to play now or vote
  12. [quote name='AngelDarkness']Nice, I like the way you used bootstrap.[/QUOTE] lol is that sarcasm or are you saying that in a good way?
  13. [center]I am now releasing my Second Template that I have been working on quite awhile! I know I just released my first one but I have had that for awhile. This template I have just completed! Added a VERRY basic login system (It might suck but first time doing it) Something similar to a image slider Count Down[/center] [SIZE=3][center]Download - [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?t0i9jxdcjird165"]http://www.mediafire.com/?t0i9jxdcjird165[/URL][/SIZE] [SIZE=5][b]If you would like to see a Demo Click the Link[/b][/SIZE][url=http://www.templatetest.host56.com]http://www.templatetest.host56.com[/url] To try out the login system the username is [b]robonick8[/b] and the password is [b]password[/b] I would for you guys to tell me what you think of it so i know what to improve on ;D[/center]