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  1. Bump Added droplist, fixed highscores, automatic vote rewards, new website, automatic donation system, tweaked EXP rates, and more!
  2. Bump Over 160 Registered players! Thanks everyone for making AeroScape a success
  3. New updates - Silver Donors and Above now have instant KC in the god wars dungeon - Bronze Donors and above currently have double exp this weekend only! get yours today by doing ::shop ingame - Ava's accumulator has been fixed - dragonfire shields now protect you much more against dragonfire - Highscores contains pagination and includes both dungeoneering, and fletching - Dungeoneering now gives you more tokens and more experience! - Exp rates for farming have been increased - 30% Extra exp for ALL PLAYERS when the well of goodwill is active! - more updates to come!
  4. Hey guys, Some quick new updates for ya! - Client Jar file is obfuscated to add an extra layer of security to bots - added two more vote pages so you can earn more vote points! - voting now gives you 3 points per page that you vote on for extra points! ( total of 9 vote points possible every 12 hours)
  5. Got some great updates for you! Fixed several summoning bugs more stable backend when making get and post requests via a URLConnection Objectsanitized input from smithing to protect the economy from dupes client now closes BufferedReader streams when loading up the cache to use less memorycache size was zipped and reduced so the game loads fasterClient now features auto cache for windows and macosJSON now contains the item cost variable which will allow the server side code to dynamically change the shops prices based on the current supply and demand in the grand exchangeimplemented GIT as a VCS for a more streamlined development process. This allows me as the sole developer to push out more stable updates faster! If you recently downloaded the Client and it was giving you issues with the AutoCache on Windows its all been fixed. If you re-download the client and delete your old cache from the C:\Users\yourname\RuseCache drive everything will load up as expected! Enjoy everyone!
  6. Update: AeroScape now uses an AutoCache Downloader no more 151 MB file size for you to download. AeroScape is now a miniscule 500 KB and features a simple "double click to play" jar file which takes care of all the hard stuff for you!
  7. Fixed both of the issues listed above! thanks for the feedback guys
  8. Hey guys there's been a new cheat engine hack/dupe which has been affecting alot of 317 PI based servers its really really old but some server's dont have any protection against it and it has been resurfacing recently. How it works A player will manipulate client side values with the cheat engine software so that when you smith something lets say a bronze dagger through the smithing interface the server will instead turn your bronze bar into an AGS, Claws, Donor Scroll, Partyhat whatever. How to stop it You can stop this on your server side by sanitizing the input returned from the client before the physical "smithing" takes place. Basically what we are going to do is ensure that the values being returned from the client for the item smithed are the values that are expected and they have not been tampered with by a 3rd party i.e. (cheat engine) Go into EquipmentMaking.java and find the method called smithItem() This method handles as you may have guessed actually taking the bronze bar from your inventory and giving you exp and a bronze dagger or whatever you happen to be smithing First we need to create a whitelist of values that we expect the be returned from the client. These values are all the items that can be smithed in the game. You cant smith a partyhat so that item id is not going to be included in the whitelist place this code just below the smithItem() Code: int[] list = new int[] {1205, 1351, 1422, 1139, 9375, 1277, 4819, 1794, 819, 39, 1321, 1265, 1291, 9420, 1155, 864, 1173, 1337, 1375, 1103, 1189, 3095, 1307, 1087, 1075, 1117, 1203, 15298, 1420, 7225, 1137, 9140, 1279, 4820, 820, 40, 1323, 1267 , 1293, 1153, 863, 1175, 9423, 1335, 1363, 1101, 4540, 1191, 3096, 1309, 1081, 1067, 1115, 1207, 1353, 1424, 1141, 9141, 1539, 1281, 821, 41, 1325, 1269, 1295, 2370, 9425, 1157, 865, 1177, 1339, 1365, 1105, 1193, 3097, 1311, 1084, 1069, 1119, 1209 , 1355, 1428, 1143, 9142, 1285, 4822, 822, 42, 1329, 1273, 1299, 9427, 1159, 866, 1181, 1343, 9416, 1369, 1109, 1197, 3099, 1315, 1085, 1071, 1121, 1211, 1357, 1430, 1145, 9143, 1287, 4823, 823, 43, 1331, 1271, 1301, 9429, 1161, 867, 1183, 1345, 1371, 1111, 1199, 3100, 1317, 1091, 1073, 1123, 1213, 1359, 1432, 1147, 9144, 1289, 4824, 824, 44, 1333, 1275, 1303, 9431, 1163, 868 , 1185, 1347, 1373, 1113, 1201, 3101, 1319, 1093, 1079, 1127}; This code builds a primitive 32 bit integer array in the JVM which includes all the smithable items in the game. Now before the Code: [code]player.getInteractingObject().performGraphic(new Graphic(2123));[/code] add this line Code: [code]if (IntStream.of(list).anyMatch(id -> id == itemToSmith.getId())) {[/code] this is a little more complex at first sight but is actually super simple! Here we use Java 8's IntStream() to iterate through each element in the whitelist and check that the id of the itemToSmith is an actual smithable item and not something that has had its value manipulated by cheat engine just finish the code with this after Code: player.getSkillManager().addExperience(Skill.SMITHING, (int) (SmithingData.getData(itemToSmith, "xp") * 1.5)); to close out your if statement! Code: } else { player.getPacketSender().sendMessage("You have been caught using cheating software goodbye."); //PlayerPunishment.addBannedIP(player.getHostAddress()); } uncomment the last line if you wish to ipBan the user that tried to cheat and there you go! Dupe fixed! Click here to view the original image of 1440x900px.
  9. AeroScape Website AeroScape is a 317 Runescape private server loading 600+ maps and weapons. AeroScape is packed full of content including Minigames, bosses, PVP battles, Gambling, Trading, Achievements, Quests, and More! AeroScape - Video Download Client Highscores Staff Owner - Aerodude30 Admin - Open Moderator - Open Moderator - Open Features - Extremely Stable source and client hosted on a VPS with DDOS Protection (no getting kicked from the game while your playing) - Knowledgeable development team and staff with years of programming experience - Grand Exchange to easily trade with other players! - Compatible with Macs and PC's - Several Quests - AutoCache Downloader - Only 800 KB's for you to download! - Duo and Team Slayer Just use a slayer gem on another person! - Fully Featured minigames such as: Barrows, Fight Caves, Fight Pits, Dueling, Gambling, The Lottery, Zombie Survival, Pest Control and more! - Fully Functional Highscores - Easy to use Online Store - Perfect Clan chat and Lootshare! - Over 100+ Achievements to earn the Max and Completionist capes! - Iron Man, Hardcore Iron man, and Normal modes - All skills are working flawlessly including Dungeoneering, Slayer, and Summoning - Familiars Hold items and assist you in combat against NPC's and Players! - Perfect home in Edgeville with tons of shops and supplies - 100% Working Bank Tabs - 100% Working Coin Pouch - Voting System with Exp or Cash rewards! - Double Exp Weekends and Drop Parties - Shooting Stars and Weekly Server Events - Tons of bosses including: Corporeal Beast, Nex, Nomad, Glacors, Mithril Dragons, God Wars Dungeon, Dagannoth Kings, Frost Dragons, KBD, and many many more! - Custom bosses such as the Phoenix! - 600+ Maps and Weapons with Ancient Cavern, Torva, Virtus and Pernix. - Chaotic Weapons, working Enchanted bolt effects, spirit shield damage soaking, AGS special and Dragon Claw special - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond member status with respective perks - Click on a skill in the skills tab to instantly be teleported to the skills training location! - Easy to use forums, and Wiki on the way! - So much more!
  10. Its a permissions error on your vps (linux). there are 2 courses of action. 1.) run the command as root user using the sudo command ie "sudo java -cp bin;./lib*.jar org.perception.Server" it will then ask you for your password which you will supply and it will let you execute that command as the root user which will bypass the permissions error 2.) Since it is a VPS and not dedicated server i.e you share your VPS with other people it is more than likely that you will not have access to a root user on that machine as you could do harm to other users in which case you may have to talk to your VPS hosting company about any suggestions they have or run your command with just java -c org.perception.Server which compiles your program and then simply java org.perception.Server which will run your program (rsps in this case) currently -cp looks for another place on the class path to find the compiled class file Server.java that may not be allowed on your vps im not sure!
  11. aerodude30

    need help

    Search in your server files for the teleport button you want to click in the magic tab to open up the chat dialog and ask to be teleported to home or market. So say I wanted to varrock teleport to be the button pushed and when it was pushed it would say "home or market" in the chatbox i would probably search for the current text for clicking on the varrock teleport. That will bring you to the java file in your server where you can simply edit the current locations that it teleports players to and replace the X and Y coordinates with the locations you want it to teleport you to (in this case home and market) and you should also be able to change the dialog box to say "home" and "market" in the DialogHandler.java file! Hope this at least makes some sense!
  12. aerodude30

    Running RSPS on Mac

    ah! that will do it haha glad you got it all worked out though!
  13. I can also take on this task ive been programming for around 7 years now and am a senior about to graduate with a computer science degree. Im well versed in JAVA, PHP, SQL, Javascript, Jquery, C# (.NET), Database administration, and Development operations! To see some of my previous work check out my Github https://github.com/aerodude30 you can also check out the website that I build at http://aeroscripts.com
  14. Check out my server! you can get the client at http://aeroscripts.com/AeroScape.zip im in the same spot you are if you'd like to be a co-owner of this server we could certainly work together if you interested my server is already online and ready to handle and scale players accordingly! you can also reach my via skype at Aerodude30
  15. Check out my server! you can get the client at http://aeroscripts.com/AeroScape.zip im in the same spot you are if you'd like to be a co-owner of this server we could certainly work together