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  1. I had to guess my password to access this account because after 3 years, THREE YEARS, I'm still banned on Sini. Lord have mercy. So, how's it going? Still kicking I see, that's nice. Ikiliki, hello, Trey, hello, Emily, hello, Bart or whatever your name is, hello. Hows it going?
  2. Damn right I troll on Mopar, I didn't spend 5 years of my life on there not to be able to troll. Hahahahaha,
  3. Displee do you stalk me, because that's how I would do that. Actually that isn't entirely correct, they use similar ports (443/43594). However the handshake determines the service (17 for HTTP, I think, 15 for Ondemand, 14 for checking if any login nodes are available, 16 for logging in).
  4. I didn't forget you guys exist (as a community) thought you may enjoy this. Don't by shy. I miss your beautiful faces.
  5. Hi. Src: [url]https://github.com/Hadyn/mopar/tree/master/lua[/url] [url]https://github.com/Hadyn/mopar/tree/master/script[/url] [code] -- Test just use the first result :D int_d = complex('hello', 'fuck', 'this shit') -- Test complex method local int_a, int_b, int_c = complex('hello', 'fuck', 'this shit') -- Test return/multiple return values return int_a, int_b --[[ LOADKSTR hello LOADKSTR fuck LOADKSTR this shit COMPLEX POPINT POPINT SETGINT 0 LOADKSTR hello LOADKSTR fuck LOADKSTR this shit COMPLEX SETINT 2 SETINT 1 SETINT 0 LOADINT 0 LOADINT 1 RETURN RETURN ]] [/code]
  6. GreyMan

    It's sad.

    [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS8MEqIpH2Q[/url] Let it die*
  7. Hey Em, hows everything been going?

  8. Haha, Cart is such a noob.
  9. Not to be a dick to you Chris, I respect you but a lot of this information is pretty easy to access and as for some of your discussions about 'How hacking makes money' you can really just relate it to theft and destruction/obstruction of property. Some people will pay money for either, that's how you can make money from hacking. I don't think that takes explanation.