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  1. Really really basic stuff but since you're just starting gj.
  2. [quote name='officiallulzs3c'][MENTION=63406]high105[/MENTION] knows someone who is an excellent ruby developer. also have you tried learning ruby on rails ?[/QUOTE] What is rails? And can high105 add me on skype?
  3. Hey Runelocus, I am looking for an experienced ruby coder to teach me ruby. I've done CodeAcademy I've read a bunch of tutorials, I've read up on java I still do not really understand it and I know why. I can't read tutorials. If I don't understand something they can't just rephrase it for me I have to try to figure out what it means then I get all confused and I fuck up even more. So yeah if you're experienced or not even experienced just have a decent understanding of ruby please skype me: josh.cougan or reply in the comments. Thanks, Kingclawz.
  4. Kingclawz

    Jarring problems.

    Hey guys so I'm trying to jar my client. And I've jarred it right and everything but for some reason when I open the client it's just stuck at "Connecting To File Server" and all these files popup on my desktop "nullmain_file" please tell me the fix. Here's a picture: [url]http://prntscr.com/417n58[/url]