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  1. If I may ask. Is there anything special that is going to be on your server? Also what are your future plans?
  2. Post lots of pictures. Also keep everybody on here Updated about what is going on in the server. Also show a virus scan of the jar.
  3. A lot of that Stuff You could fix on your own with some common knowledge. Also if you didn't specify where you wanted the groups to be at in Legend, its not his fault.
  4. Imagine embarking on a quest for greatness as you and you friends undertake on taking a mighty beast on, fighting for the right as king of players in the wilderness, becoming the finest skiller to make others acclaim in your craftsmanship. Think of making friends who become family and treat you as one of their own while you take on your quests and adopt your adventure. You might be asking, "Where does a beautiful thing such as this exist?" Well ladies and gentleman, look no further as you welcome FormalReality into your ambitious minds, and ravenous hearts. Formalreality, is home of some of the finest thing you could imagine, bosses, skills, customs, great staff, dedicated players, people who will be willing to boss with you no questions asked, prestige ranks, double, even triple xp weekends, teamchat clients/ Skype help, active forum members, and just a great community. We believe each players has potential to succeed in everything he/she does and has the ability to be something great, when you join our family you will get the full package, jokes, moral support, guidance, an open ear for problems and concern you have for the server or just something going on in your everyday life. Remember FormalReality isn't just a server, it's your 2nd home after your first.
  5. Site Update!! A lot of you said that my site looked ugly as hell and I agreed. So I got this one from on archive in Rune-Server. I think it it much better.
  6. Yeah. The Min and max are these according the what the source had before I started adding more in with the same format. 30, 80,
  7. If you don't mind, Could you explain just a little more? I'm still learning Java.
  8. What's the Revision? What are you trying to add?
  9. Well, you will need to have the latest version of JDK and JRE. Then edit the compiler to make it the latest version of JDK and open the run and make it latest version of JRE. then run it and it should work just fine.
  10. I will work on getting a few more players to help newer ones Sorry about that!
  11. So for some reason, when players get a task, it gives them a task that sometimes they cannot complete. I have it set here in this code, of the monsters to slay, their minimum, and maximum level. So why do they still get a task they can't do? /** * TURAEL TASKS */ AHRIMTHEBLIGHTED("Ahrims", TaskSet.TURAEL, 30, 50, "Ahrim the Blighted"), COWS("Cows", TaskSet.TURAEL, 1, 20, "Cow calf", "Cow"), GOBLINS("Goblins", TaskSet.TURAEL, 1, 20, "Goblin", "Cave goblin guard"), CRAWLING_HANDS("Crawling hand", TaskSet.TURAEL, 1, 20, "Zombie hand", "Skeletal hand"), VERACTHEDEFILED("Verac", TaskSet.TURAEL, 30, 99, "Verac the Defiled"), TORAGTHECORRUPTED("Torag", TaskSet.TURAEL, 30, 99, "Torag the Corrupted"), KARILTHETAINTED("Karil", TaskSet.TURAEL, 30, 99, "Karil the Tainted"), GUTHANTHEINFESTED("Guthans", TaskSet.TURAEL, 30, 99, "Guthan the Infested"), DHAROKTHEWRETCHED("Dharoks", TaskSet.TURAEL, 30, 99, "Dharok the Wretched"), DARKBEAST("Dark beasts", TaskSet.TURAEL, 90, 99, "Dark beast"), ABERRANT("Abberant spectres", TaskSet.TURAEL, 15, 30, "Abberant spectre"), GARGOYLE("Gargoyles", TaskSet.TURAEL, 25, 50, "Gargoyle"), BANSHEE("Banshees", TaskSet.TURAEL, 10, 20, "Banshee"), NECHRYAEL("Nechryaels", TaskSet.TURAEL, 75, 99, "Nechryael"), ABYSSDEMON("Abyssal Demons", TaskSet.TURAEL, 85, 99, "Abyssal demon"), INFERNALMAGE("Infernal Mages", TaskSet.TURAEL, 45, 60, "Infernal Mage"), BLOODVELD("Bloodvelds", TaskSet.TURAEL, 50, 70, "Bloodveld"), ICEFIENDS("Ice Fiend", TaskSet.TURAEL, 15, 75, "Ice Fiend"), HELLHOUNDS("Hellhound", TaskSet.TURAEL, 15, 50, "Hellhound"), FIREGIANT("Fire Giant", TaskSet.TURAEL, 55, 80, "Fire Giant"), CRAWLINGHANDS("Crawling Hand", TaskSet.TURAEL, 15, 50, "Crawling Hand"), MOSSGIANT("Moss Giant", TaskSet.TURAEL, 15, 70, "Moss Giant"), HILLGIANT("Hill Giant", TaskSet.TURAEL, 15, 50, "Hill Giants"), CAVESLIME("Cave Slime", TaskSet.TURAEL, 1, 50, "Cave Slime"), PYREFIEND("Pyrefiend", TaskSet.TURAEL, 30, 80, "Pyrefiend"), BASILISK("Basilisk", TaskSet.TURAEL, 40, 80, "Basilisk"), DUSTDEVIL("Dust Devil", TaskSet.TURAEL, 65, 99, "Dust Devil"), FUNGALMAGE("Fungal Mage", TaskSet.TURAEL, 60, 99, "Fungal Mage"), GRIFOLAROO("Grifolaroo", TaskSet.TURAEL, 15, 50, "Grifolaroo"), GANODERMICBEASTS("Ganodermic Beast", TaskSet.TURAEL, 75, 99, "Ganodermic Beast"), GANODERMICRUNT("Ganodermic Runt", TaskSet.TURAEL, 75, 99, "Ganodermic Runt"), GLACORS("Glacors", TaskSet.TURAEL, 75, 99, "Glacors"), DRAGONS("Dragons", TaskSet.TURAEL, 50, 99, "Red dragon", "Black dragon","Blue Dragon","Steel Dragon","Bronze Dragon","King Black Dragon"); private SlayerTasks(String simpleName, TaskSet type, int min, int max, String... monsters) { this.type = type; this.slayable = monsters; this.simpleName = simpleName; this.min = min; this.max = max; }