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  1. Hey, so I recently got back into rsps coding, I had working client on my old computer, but it died. Anyway, every time I jar it it gets stuck at checking for updates 0%. But when loading through server+client run.bats it works fine. The IPs are on I also noticed that when I run the server bat the client loads. People tell me I jar wrong, on jar maker I put the input directory on my clients bin folder, put mainclass on Loader, and sign the jar like on different tutorials. Am I doing anything wrong? Some help would be nice.
  2. Hey guys, so I posted earlier about a jar not loading, so I generated a bat this time (I know I should have from the start) and it says error_game_js5connect but it doesn't do it when I run the source and client. [ATTACH=CONFIG]7587[/ATTACH] Theres a pic. As you can see it only does it on the jarred client... Also its on localhost Any help would be nice.... 718 revision btw
  3. Ryz

    Jar won't load.

    hey, sorry was asleep when you posted, the manifest is on Loader and the input directory is in the client bin folder
  4. Ryz

    Jar won't load.

    [quote name='playerkill']It doesn't load the cache or updates?[/QUOTE] It just says "Checking for Updates-0%" I've left it there for 30 mins and nothing happened.
  5. Ryz

    Jar won't load.

    So, I'm trying to make a downloadable client, I have jarmaker. So I jar it and it doesn't load the updates , but it loads fine when I try to load it from my source and client folders... any help would be nice. I read that it means that it can't connect to the server.... I have the ips in Loader.java on localhost.... and both the source and client are connecting to my port and I am portforwarded.... Could use some help. Thanks 718 revision btw