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  1. I have a feeling that I know what your plan is, and you're mentally retarded.
  2. [quote name='Hash']RuneEscape was made by Dragonkk. It's the source used for Matrix's first server.[/QUOTE] Oh, a client designer building a source, intriguing. Was it built from the ground up, or used from an already built source?
  3. Don't sass me like that Mexican, I will skin you.

  4. I'm not looking for something unstable either, my expectations are to give something to the community that can be used.. I might design a tutorial on frameworks, as not many people understand. Rune Escape was designed by blakeman, no? I may look into that source. As for Rs2HD, that may be some of Graham's worst work, I'd rather not.
  5. I don't know why, but I'm pretty skeptical that you've done any of the updates you're saying you have on this thread. I've looked through your forum posts, and it doesn't seem your capable of this level of development.
  6. Amnesty

    Fifa 13

    Of course, the FIFA series is rather infamous in my town. I can't wait to see the leveling system in the game, as FIFA 12 didn't do the teams justice. I've heard that you can equalize teams in FIFA 13, and if that's true, I'd have quite a few orgasms.
  7. I've been out of the game for quite a while now, and I need to know what the best current source is, and any links directing me to such. If it's still Graham's recent releases, then I'll figure it out on my own.. but I was thinking about this. With the change and updates to this style of programming, what would a community like to see the most? I've always felt that 317 was the favorite, but times may have changed. I'll do my best to build something and release it to the community (or host it), I just need to know what the community needs, and ultimately what the community wants. When it comes to satisfaction, the customer is always correct. I don't want a team either, or beta testers, just recommendations.
  8. Amnesty


    It's the same as always, the brillance behind this community is from the team working together, it's what sets the seperation from the other two RSPS boards. As a community, we can find a nice suggestion, but don't expect it to happen from instigation.
  9. Add me on Skype so we can discuss about this: iinosafepkii

  10. Amnesty

    Thematics 562

    If you'd like, I'd be willing to work on this. I don't have the most time in the world, as I'm taking several courses at my university. Although I employ the use of Ruby, PHP, Java and .ASP. If you need, I can contact you in a different setting.. although, will there be payment involved?