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  1. [CENTER][CENTER][IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/or6kab.png[/IMG][/CENTER] Hello i am Xifej i have many websites i create a Professional Forum Look with a glowing template among other templates i have on my web server. Lets get down to the nitty gritty i am creating you a domain like [url]http://xifej.com[/url] though I'm most of you only want a sub domain this is free but very unreliable but that's for you to manage. Contact Infomation xifej.com is my skype My Current Free Services Are: SubDomain: I will setup this for you though if you want a domain name i will configure the setup but i will not pay for this you will. The Setup Is Free. Forum Software: MyBB Forums Only (SMF&PhpBB) (Are just terrible) Plugins: I can install plugins for MyBB (i have 50 Different Plugins Sitting on my desktop) My Unique Services: Cache Hosting: You must have the cache ready i will only upload it. --Why use this? I have a cloud server at atlantic.net Ubuntu 12.04 64Bit (2GB Ram). -- when downloading your cache it will download quickly. (max file size 115mb) Advertisement: -- You will receive personalized advertisement [/CENTER]
  2. o.O wow that's pretty dam cool
  3. this looks great keep up the good work