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  1. Bump! Been playing this server for a while now and I love it! All skills and almost all monsters drop blood money, which can be used to buy really cool items, and theres over 100 boss pets! Having 5 prestige's on each skill means that there is that aspect of completion for those of us with severe OCD There are issues that are being worked on, but what server doesnt have problems? What I really love is that this server isnt P2W. EVERY item you can get in the Donator store can be achieved somewhere else (even if it does take a while) I really recommend you come join this server, its lovely!
  2. d3gg3rz

    ModIcons xPos yPos

    Alright, so I am helping to make a server and I noticed a major error with the yell crown positions [ATTACH=CONFIG]7429[/ATTACH] Could someone help me with this? I know it is a Client erorr...but I cannot see where! Btw, this is a PI server
  3. [quote name='Rich`']I dont understand how you have any players. Sent from my M865C using Tapatalk 2[/QUOTE] I love reading comments like these :P No but in all seriousness...this is just a petty thing I want sorted...I havent seen it before on a server so I thought...may aswell code it :D
  4. bump still wanting to have this added
  5. Title kinda says it. What I am trying to do is make sure that before someone sells an item that it wont give over max cash and set their cash stack to 1gp. This is my current code: [CODE]public void sell(Player player, int slotId, int quantity) { if (player.getInventory().getItemsContainerSize() < slotId) return; Item item = player.getInventory().getItem(slotId); if (item == null) return; int originalId = item.getId(); if (item.getDefinitions().isNoted()) item = new Item(item.getDefinitions().getCertId(), item.getAmount()); if (item.getDefinitions().isDestroyItem() || ItemConstants.getItemDefaultCharges(item.getId()) != -1 || !ItemConstants.isTradeable(item) || item.getId() == money) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You can't sell this item."); return; } int dq = getDefaultQuantity(item.getId()); if (dq == 0 && generalStock == null) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "You can't sell this item to this shop."); return; } int price = getSellPrice(item, dq); int numberOff = player.getInventory().getItems() .getNumberOf(originalId); if (quantity > numberOff) quantity = numberOff; if (!addItem(item.getId(), quantity)) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Shop is currently full."); return; } int cash = player.getInventory().getItems().getNumberOf(money); if ((cash + (price * quantity)) > Integer.MAX_VALUE) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Please deposit some of your coins first"); return; } else if ((cash + (price * quantity)) <= Integer.MAX_VALUE) { player.getInventory().deleteItem(originalId, quantity); player.getInventory().addItem(money, price * quantity); } }[/CODE] Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Ive already tried that. However it only announces if you get 200m with a 99 (ie. ::master) Thats not quite done it :/
  7. Right then. I am needing some help... I am wanting to get a server announcement out for when somebody reaches 200m xp in any skill. I have recently done it so when someone gets 2496 total it says about comp cape, and when they have at least level 99 in all skills it says about max cape. However, as a lot of people are getting 200m's now, I would like an announcement for that Anybody know how to do this? Heres the code currently used to add xp [CODE] public void addXp(int skill, double exp) { player.getControlerManager().trackXP(skill, (int) exp); if (skill != ATTACK && skill != DEFENCE && skill != STRENGTH && skill != MAGIC && skill != RANGE && skill != HITPOINTS) exp *= player.isDonator() ? Settings.XP_RATE + 100000 : Settings.XP_RATE; if (player.getAuraManager().usingWisdom()) exp *= 1.025; if (skill != PRAYER) exp *= 75000; int oldLevel = getLevelForXp(skill); xp[skill] += exp; xpCounter += exp; refreshXpCounter(); if (xp[skill] > MAXIMUM_EXP) { xp[skill] = MAXIMUM_EXP; } int newLevel = getLevelForXp(skill); int levelDiff = newLevel - oldLevel; if (newLevel > oldLevel) { level[skill] += levelDiff; player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("L*****p", skill); if (skill == HITPOINTS) player.heal(levelDiff * 10); if (skill == PRAYER) player.getPrayer().restorePrayer(levelDiff * 10); if (skill == SUMMONING || (skill >= ATTACK && skill <= MAGIC)) player.getAppearence().generateAppearenceData(); } refresh(skill); }[/CODE] and an example of a server announcement [CODE] if (level == 99 || level == 120) for (Player players : World.getPlayers()) { players.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "<col=11EE11><shad=000000><img=5>News: <col=ff0033>" + player.getDisplayName() + " has reached Level " + level + " in " + name); } [/CODE]