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  1. [quote name='falconpunch']I believe a cache editor will change the display price but you need to look in prices.cfg or something search it on google.[/QUOTE] Unfortunately I can't find a file named prices.cfg
  2. hi everyone im using matix 718 spawn rsps. Im going to convert it into a eco. But I'm having problems with something. I need to know how to edit the shops price of items. I have no problem with putting items in the shops, but i just dont know how to edit the items price. Could someone please tell me what to look for? so i can edit the shop? Thank you.
  3. I just joined the server and there is ddosers everywhere. The owner is underaged, he is 17 which is not aloud to have the server up. I was muted then banned for typing shut up. But the owner said shut the fuck up to me in the first place. I asked him two questions... Does vls corrupt here? And does it corrupt by time or kills. SO again please dont join it. Please let it fail thanks