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  1. Kkay, in the client make sure the ip you want is set in the: Class 68_sub20_sub15, loader.java, client.java and make sure the ip you have set in your router (the 192.168.1.(your choice) are set to the same ones in the games and application folder that you used to portforward. Maybe Re-port forward, but this can also be a Firewall issue, go into your firewall and Add an Exception.
  2. Hey canownyoueasy' And whats the problem? I might know a fix.
  3. I get this strange run error when I run my server, it states the run path of no clip is wrong, but it's 100% correct..
  4. It's probably something in the playerclickin.java or somethign Idk sorry for not helping to much, I tried : S
  5. i'm like 75% sure I did :S It's soo confusing, know of any good tuts for noclip? I'll go look aswell, i'm content on finding a solution.
  6. I get this weird error When I run my server, and it says file path not found or whatever, but the path exists!
  7. 508 loading 525 cache! : D! TURMOIL + SOUL SPIT! PVP! CUSTOM COMMANDS! AMAZING COMBAT! KBD GWD AND CORPREAL BEAST! NEED STAFF JOIN NOW! : D. TONS TO DO!: )! This is my first post on here: ). DL NOW!--http://www.mediafire.com/?zizttummz41 GODWARS! KBD+VENG BANDOS+KBD Healing soulspit vs. KBD
  8. Owner of Possesed-PvP Which is 508 loading 525 cache PvP ;) Join us