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  1. hey im interested let me know more about this skype name:socksy267 add me
  2. i will code for you add me on skype:socksy267
  3. What type of server are you most comfortable with?(317 etc): i usually have used 317 and i am pretty comfortable with it How much experience do you have in coding rsps?: i have coded my own rsps and i started on one online but i haven't really been involved in a project. Willing to split payments for VPS, ect?(It's perfectly okay if you aren't): i can't split with vps as i have no money but i am perfectly fine with go out and advertising the server to get more people and more donations instead. Age:15 What else can you code apart from rsps?:i know some vb and plan to do more of that and java. Hours available per day:i am available for around 2-4hours on weekdays and 4-12 hours on weekends Would you prefer coding the server by yourself or with another coder?: the more coders the better as long as there reliable Got skype, windows live messenger, AIM? skype:socksy267 if i need others i can get Add anything notable here:
  4. i have sent you a pm please get back to me soon skype:socksy267
  5. Name:kevin Age:14 Type of spot wanted:coder Experience in area(RS/RSPS):i code rsps for fun to get a bit of that feel and i have done coding for a server but i want a project to work on which will actual have sum success. skype:socksy267 (if you need my msn i can provide but i don't really use it) Experience in Runescape in-General:i made my first runescape account when i was around 6-7 and i loved the game for what it was before they changed the game into something you never would have thought was runescape