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    1. Emily


      The second iteration after Emilyscape 😂 fuck Bladex for compromising our forums and making us have to start over. That little twat. 

    2. Cart


      People still name-dropping you in this scene lmao.

    3. Emily


      Honestly surprised this scene has remained alive. For sure the talent has moved on sadly. If the next generations of Alex, Andrew, Caelum, Graham, etc. were to exist, RSPS would have continued to thrive. Guess kids just prefer other games these days. 

  1. Cart

    Caught Ya, Arix

    Not being maxed on RS3 in current year.
  2. Cart


    June 9, 2018 "but a few months ago." 🤡
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  4. Cart

    Runelocus Toplist

    I don't care he doesn't care.
  5. ❤️ And you, brother

  6. Greetings, Effective immediately I'm stepping down as CM of RuneLocus. I've been slowly isolating myself from RSPS since February and I feel now is the time to make the announcement, for the past several months I've been balancing work and school. The only days I am not working I am attending classes, the last thing I wish to do during my small break hours is to manage anything RuneScape Private Server related. I've become so irate of doing even the most basic toplist or forum moderation that I will cease visits to this site across several days. Before posting this I've discussed the idea with @Ikiliki and I am satisfied he will know the correct measures to take to ensure the little traffic and loyal members who still browse to this day are content. All the best, Cart.