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  1. [quote name='Xerialtje']BAD SERVICE. First off all, vote4cash didnt work so i asked to fix this. He gave me the oppurtunity to choose for Auth system, alright thats nice of him. That olso didnt work. I ask him to teamview and fix the problem. NO ANSWER. He uses scripts from tutorials here and cant even install them. I thought he was legit scripter but he isnt. I asked for refund and I will never see my money again. Paid and no service? 15 years old, i gotta knew it... 0/10[/QUOTE] Seems legit? Or not., ---- O.T Had another 100$ worth of services thank you. another vouch.
  2. looking for somebody with extreme gfx skills, please drop me a pm and we can chat Logan
  3. I like it alot, only release a proportion of it, make people work a little bit. don't want straight leeches everywhere
  4. Terrafirma

    Small error

    When you zip the cache Create a zip archive first. Name it Cache.zip or "yourserverhere".zip. Then drag the files within the cache into the zip archive don't zip the cache itself or you will get that error. Also make sure to update your signlink,java with the cache.zip name also in your client.java both client sided.
  5. Terrafirma

    New to rsps

    Start with Project Insanity / Dspk as a base get to know the feel of coding. then enhance on that. and for tutorial just check the tutorial section
  6. Spoonfed. java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Users\Brenda\LeanPkzCache\Maps\mapConfig.txt Thats the part you want to check make sure the mapconfig.txt is in your cache folder [The file you zipped] Also when you zip make sure that you drag the folders into a zip archive not zip the cache itself or it will show up as Cache Cache
  7. Lmao haha. thats your thing rite tylr ;)
  8. Also big updates coming today re wrote the vote system and donations system editing all the shops they where just temp, and more big updates daily.
  9. Vouch for this fella, quick and fast, (will be using again)
  10. Very interested i shall drop you a pm.
  11. Read your cmd, it says at the top what is missing, mapConfig.txt
  12. As you have port/ on your own comp then im guessing you want to connect off that change your client ip to since localhost is sometimes being used by other apps
  13. Download a random source or client start looking threw the files and learn away, how most people learn by teaching themselves and [url]www.google.com[/url] for the understand of java itself.
  14. [quote name='zandicus']I might be interested.[/QUOTE] apply away fella.
  15. [quote name='RANSOM']what is the link to your forums?[/QUOTE] will pm in a little while, app are still open