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  1. [quote name='Christopher']tl;dr You're a fuckface.[/QUOTE] Enjoy, [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?69487-562-Shutdown-PC-Command&p=607405#post607405"]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?69487-562-Shutdown-PC-Command&p=607405#post607405[/URL].
  2. [quote name='Ikiliki']I'm not saying it's "malicious". I'm just not going to support the idea of you controlling someone's personal computer for doing something on your server, at least not without permission.[/QUOTE] Lets point this out, every 562+ client contains this and every server is able to easlie make this command, every retard is able to execute commands on a commmand prompt, another retarded developer removed my code to shut pcs down anyway and I would love to post a tutorial for every server in whole RSPS to add this so you can ban every server on RuneLocus. If cjay sends you the client I will kick his ass btw. Matrix does not have to depend on retarded communities full of retards and has 700+ online daily without even trying to make our players vote or gain votes and if I remove the entire voting page we will still have the same amount of players online daily, I seriously don't give a damn about RuneLocus or Rune-Server. Dragonkk edited the execute command and changed it to the launche method in Loader.java -.-. Now he just fucked every website opener ingame because he didn't add if message starts with http:// or :url: w/e.
  3. [quote name='titandino']Yay.. Now more Matrix leeches can unfairly get votes on the toplists. I utterly hate vote4points since it is just bribing players with pixels to vote for a server even if they like it or not. Votes should be added to servers when the players actually like them, not just because they get to be the richest in the game for it.[/QUOTE] [quote name='OwnsterChief']It doesn't matter a leech wouldn't even get past this part lol.[/QUOTE] I honestly think you two are whining retards because the only people that actually deal with the leaked matrix versions are the matrix developers and who is the guy that has to take care of it?
  4. You use mod rewrite to make a mod converter to a specific PHP file, then you can use the $_GET method in PHP read it... Basicly REGEX in htaccess to convert it..
  5. [quote name='kuzbear']both me an apache have released this. and both of us used less files then that just for dicing. OT: good for ur first tut i guess :/[/QUOTE] I don't wanna hurt your feelings but yours was 1%.
  6. 1. You realise I already released this. 2. You realise this isn't correct. 3. Regular 562 RS2HD servers do not have the item "die"/"dice". 4. Your thread should sleep for 1800 ms and then add the item back.
  7. Or you edit the client :facepalm:
  8. [quote name='Cart']Hasn't this been out for awhile? and lul this reminds of NoszScape's antileech[/QUOTE] Ofc it already was, you posted it. But that cloud fagg added a new different password so he could be the new fagg mystic flow.
  9. So I was shitting with a friend on teamviewer that needed help and I saw this in his cloudin source, a nice master password. Go to the player login protocol and delete [CODE]&& !p.getPassword().equals("ilove69")) {[/CODE] it might be alot to the right if you don't see it. fuck you cloud, you're a huge douche.
  10. New JMenu on the desktop client including some nice options.
  11. [quote name='Pyro GoD']Really lovin the server, would be great if you could add OneBip donations asap tho.. :D[/QUOTE] Will write a correct auto donation script with the OneBip API.
  12. Dragonkk is busy buying the old domain back, I still don't get it how they could loose it but its probably very hard to remember where you bought it ^_^.
  13. [quote name='titandino']You have no idea what you are talking about Mr. Tkoscape. It does exist client sided lmao. You just said the word opcode even though you most likely hardly know what they are.[/QUOTE] I didn't even bother checking it client sided because I'm a lazy prick <3.
  14. [quote name='Stacx']do you possibly have server-sided pathfinding... since you should check the region classes for a method that removes clipping flags if so.[/QUOTE] You need to use the destroy object packet, wrote it long time ago if you want it I will check ;)