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  1. Nigga I'm so faded..... anywho aside from the terrible pun that shouldn't even be said or typed but I did it anyway, good luck.
  2. (ad posted by player: Aeon) [CENTER][SIZE=5][U]Welcome to Rune-Hive 718![/U][/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Join the community today at the link below. Download the client under the "Play Now!" page. [URL="http://rune-hive.enjin.com/"]Rune-Hive - Home page[/URL] Download the client directly [URL="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/3ff3efd5x4eqh41/Rune-Hive.jar?dl=1&token_hash=AAFC_Uj4VcX-QIucVxqzq3dDxgBLfMAruf60-bVNd_2n3A"]HERE[/URL] Rune-Hive has tons of features including:[/SIZE] [code]*All 63 waves of fight caves *Runespan *Fully working Fight Kiln *All god wars bosses *Crucible 100% *Fully working Nex with cut-scenes *A dung token system to buy items in Eva's shop *All Skills working 100% *Prestige System with a prestige shop *Aura's working 100% *Custom Donator Zone with two Donator shops *Donator dungeon! *Slayer tasks working 100% *Crystal Key Chest! *Soul wars! *Castle wars! *Clan wars PvP *Duel arena! *Squeel of Fortune *Loyalty Aura shop / Loyalty shop *Join today to see the rest for yourself![/code] [SIZE=4]Accepting Staff Applications. Looking for 2 Moderators and 1 Admin for the time being. [U]Special Offers![/U][/SIZE] [code]*First 3 players will receive Donator Status *One item of choice to the first 10 players! *Players who find bugs will earn "Helper" status and be rewarded 20m[/code] [SIZE=5][U]Media[/U][/SIZE] [spoiler='Pictures'] [img]http://i1087.photobucket.com/albums/j472/ttgxtrent/runespan.png[/img] [img]http://i1087.photobucket.com/albums/j472/ttgxtrent/Rune-Hive/Rune-Hive%202/home.png[/img] [img]http://i1087.photobucket.com/albums/j472/ttgxtrent/Rune-Hive/Rune-Hive%202/loyaltyshop.png[/img] [img]http://i1087.photobucket.com/albums/j472/ttgxtrent/Rune-Hive/qbd.png[/img] [img]http://i1087.photobucket.com/albums/j472/ttgxtrent/Rune-Hive/nex.png[/img][/spoiler] [/CENTER]
  3. And here I am thinking I was the only one. Hah :P
  4. Hey RL! I completely lost all interest in REAL RuneScape a long time ago, and just now got back on to take another look around. Still sucks, now even more. But any way I was wondering, why does everyone still play it? Do you guys actually find entertainment in it? What specifically entertains you about the game still? Edit: First time logging on in over 400 days, and I get blackscreened almost immediately... sweet.
  5. Good luck, try to work on something unique. I may give it a try.
  6. Not bad, I've gotten some fun from it :P
  7. In what way is this 718/742?
  8. Having a lot of trouble progressing, could really use a partner.
  9. Going to hop on and give it a shot! Looks good, best of luck.
  10. Thanks a bunch for the support, I edited the update log! [MENTION=88]Gircat[/MENTION] I'll be on Skype a little bit later tonight, thanks!
  11. [COLOR="#FFA500"]"Escape" is my new project, it's mainly for learning purposes, but I am planning to release it in the not-so-near future. Probably a few months (1-3, if all goes well) of learning and progression until the beta hits.[/COLOR] [B]Some random information about the project[/B] The name "Escape" and the slogan "Get away from it all" came from my realization that no matter who you are, life has issues. I know people need a place to get away from it all, and just relax and have a good time. The point of the server is to be as enjoyable as possible with ease of use, and designed to fit your liking. A main focus will be to have the server replete (full of) options so that you can play to your liking. As someone who's been through server after server and could never really find a good balance, another point of interest is to listen to suggestions, and do the best to pinpoint the idea as an addition to the server, without royally screwing up anything else. Finally, the biggest reason I'm doing this is for learning purposes. Naturally it's going to require help, support, and of course suggestions. In the end I hope to make something that everybody can enjoy. [B]Server Conceptual Outline[/B] This section's title may confuse some, but I'll straighten that out for you. The "Conceptual Outline" is a very general idea/theme of how it will be possible for every player to have an entirely different playing style, but all together and it not be a totally out of control, archaic mess. So, the idea is for every player to posses the ability to change nearly every aspect of the game, but still interact with all others, no matter the differences. Instead of presets, they can each be changed individually. Here's a few of the possibilities. -Experience Rate -Drop Rate -Rate of gaining points (Vote points, pvm points, skilling points, etc.) -Keep or lose items on death Now this probably raises questions like, what if a player makes one account and puts the drop rate to max, then another and puts it to min, then trades items over? Or other questions along those lines. The answer is something I'm keeping to myself and whoever joins me (no, you won't get the secret right away, you'll have to prove yourself to be genuinely experienced and interested in helping) to avoid leeching. The idea is never-before seen and I don't want it to be stolen, then I don't get credit. Those interested in joining contact my Skype: sohiper [B][U]Now, onto the progression section[/U][/B] [B]CURRENT PROGRESSION[/B] [code]10/8/2013: Source and client downloaded, all the basics to leeching a server completed. A little help from [MENTION=88]Gircat[/MENTION] and I got some issues with finding things in the source straightened out, and a few minor errors corrected. Nothing notable, obviously.[/code] [B]CURRENT PLANS/GOALS[/B] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Red = Not started[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFF00"]Yellow = In progress[/COLOR] [COLOR="#008000"]Green = Complete[/COLOR] [code][COLOR="#FF0000"]Add basic training and economic activities Establish more comprehensive ranks[/code][/COLOR] [B]MEDIA[/B] [spoiler='Media']Yeah these pictures are pretty bad, but I don't want my thread deleted so I had to put something in... [img]http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/1430/4l61.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/9RawnVC.png[/img] [/spoiler]
  12. BUMP! Server had a MASSIVE update recently, come see for yourself!