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  1. About to be "enjoying" the working life; graduating soon. What're you studying?

  2. Greetings sir; how've you been man?

  3. Trey

    How's college and that job coming along? I enter the full-time employed until death phase of my life in about a month :o

  4. Trey

    How's it been man?

  5. Hell yeah man, hope life's good. I'm just working for the summer and chillin

  6. <3 How you been man

  7. Fuck you cunt

  8. Trey

    lol'd @ kneel to nobody. My holidays were pretty good; nothing too out of the usual. Sounds like a green winter for you haha

  9. Hello sir. I get on every once in a while to check up, so I shouldn't be too hard to reach. How've you been?

  10. Trey

    Lol how was your holiday season? I haven't seen him in a long time; we should knit a hat with his body hair when we find his corpse in order to absorb his knowledge via osmosis.

  11. Yeah I could probably get back to it. I might just make it a collection of tutorials/articles, considering there are probably much better introductions out there than the shit I threw together 4 years ago. I intend to write a couple tutorials/articles on some computer science principles as well as some introductions to unix principles and such. The problem is the time, haha.

  12. Hello, I am a visitor and this is a message.

  13. Gurl, u dun stoled my hart

  14. Sir Carticus!

  15. Trey

    8======D~ lolking

  16. Trey

    Nice man! I bet that wasn't an easy internship to land. I'm still working the same one as usual. College is good, the same old at this point really.

  17. Trey

    Life's been good man, how about yourself? lolking

  18. Trey

    Hello officer

  19. I remember trying and your inbox was full. I honestly don't remember why, it was probably in response to some thread in intelligent discussion, haha. How's it been?

  20. Hello carticus

  21. Trey

    Hello blake

  22. What's up bro! What have you been up to?