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  1. College is great. It's definitely rough seeing as they're working me like a dog, but all I need is that fancy piece of paper at the end of 4 years and I'll be good ;). The job is absolutely amazing... I thought I was going to be a sales person, but I'm actually working at the Genius Bar. Only iPhones / iPads / iPods for now, but next winter I'm going out to California for 3 weeks for Genius training. Which pays a LOT as far as a college kid is concerned! Are you CEO of whatever company you were interning at yet xD? Seriously, though, what company are you going be at? I'm excited for you, dude... I expect an invite to the grad party ahaha :p. Did you stick solely with the CS Major, or did you pick up another major / minor? much luv

  2. Trey

    Sethy in Army??

    [quote name='Sethy']Got daddy's approval? I'm g2g How's college going bb[/QUOTE] Pretty good man, about to graduate. So when will you find out if you made it?
  3. About to be "enjoying" the working life; graduating soon. What're you studying?

  4. As of last year, enjoying the college life. How's yours?

  5. Greetings sir; how've you been man?

  6. How's college and that job coming along? I enter the full-time employed until death phase of my life in about a month :o

  7. Trey

    Sethy in Army??

    Good luck man! Sounds exciting, and more importantly that you're excited.
  8. Trey


    Ew wtf. I am now disappointed.
  9. Trey

    Want to learn?

    I wouldn't bother buying books unless you like having a physical reference (some people prefer this). You can find almost anything you need to know using existing tutorials and examples on the interwebs, plus Java's API documentation and tutorials. I have a vague and old guide stickied in this board if it helps you at all. I wish there was a way to allow modifications from a group of trusted users, as I can't be bothered to update or maintain something that has been done better many times over all over the web. My best advice is to simply dive in head first. Start with really simple tasks. Break things, experiment, google errors and understand why they occurred. It's also nice to start some projects that have potential for future improvement as you can always go back to expand with new things you've learned. Plus this will give you experience will building off of existing code, which is what you'll be doing in 99% of jobs you'll have in software development. Also, this allows you to start learning to design projects in a flexible and scalable way, which is important. Write code with the expectation that someone else who knows nothing about your code will some day have to make modifications. The best code is not clever; it is understandable, modular, and well designed to account for future expansion. The more code you write the more you'll develop an intuition for designing projects and a clear understanding of best practices.
  10. Use Java. The client already depends on Java anyway as noted by [MENTION=38556]Nouish[/MENTION], so no sense in depending on two VM's in order to run your software. Also you have (nearly) infinite power with reflection to hook into the existing client to fetch/modify values at runtime, which is how all the bot clients did (do?) things. Might as well take the same approach to provide some useful features in your client. Also, why not start an open source project out of it? This makes things more trustworthy (unlike OSBuddy, which is ran by a hacker and is closed-source, while still being used by a huge population of OSRS players and half-endorsed by staff), and also allows for community driven development. Produce something better than OSBuddy that doesn't require payments!
  11. It has been fantastic, actually. Started college a few months ago and loving it... so nice to finally be away from the 'rents. Got a job at Apple being a salesman that I'm starting soon... too bad that -- even though I have nothing against iPods and iPhones and iPads and such -- I'm going to be selling mediocre and extremely overpriced hardware to a bunch of mindless sheep LOL. What's new with you? You're a senior now, right? How'd that internship you had when you were a sophomore or such going... president of the company yet xD?

  12. How's it been man?

  13. I wonder how much more time will pass before Ikiliki just starts hosting RuneScape role playing porn starring Cart. Would probably draw a lot of traffic
  14. Hell yeah man, hope life's good. I'm just working for the summer and chillin