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  1. I need a coder that is willing to not use Teamviewer, will give them a special rank called "coder", it'll be either... InsidiaX based or Project-Exile depending on if said person can fix project-exile or anything like that. I want a coder that will just send the files like "Command.Java" too and forth so there's NO chance of them hacking into my computer :)
  2. On my new server, not hosted on a vps yet. we're having some annoying issues. 1) Sometimes or most times when you attack a monster such as a hill giant or rock crab you'll get dced. 2) Sometimes some people aren't able to see their hit splats. Also this only seems to happen to people connecting to the webclient on RSWebClients. Also we're looking for a coder. :)
  3. So when you login you see --- [ATTACH=CONFIG]6296[/ATTACH] I want to get rid of it, can someone please tell/show me how :) thank you