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  1. hey guys deatharmy here, from all the great rsps servers ever to be created, which private server you had the most fun on? [B]Personally for me creative-scape being my number one and emp-scape my second being best rsps.[/B] I am a oldschool kind of guy, i loved 2007 era and these two servers made that oldschool feeling back. [COLOR="#FF0000"]Reason creative-scape is my favorite cause it has that 2007 feeling right on the spot, it makes everything easy but not too easy to achieve these achievements, it's excellent. Creative-scape has all the right things in it i love it. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#008000"] Emp-scape being my second favorite, the exp was very slow, but 99 stats were still easy to be achieved which gave a great clone of runescape. [/COLOR] Personally if i had time to play oldschool runescape and get good stats again i would, but no time for that so these servers make it easier for us who don't have time to achieve fun things and relive the glory days. thanks for reading. :)