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  1. This looks wonderful so far. Keep it up!
  2. This really looks well-planned out and just a great server overall. I may have to give it a try.
  3. [B]Custom items, or only items in game?[/b] I dislike most custom items because they generally look ugly (matter of opinion). Although, I have found one or two that seem to look rather decent. I just enjoy a more "Runescape-realistic" server. [B]Regular hit rate, or x10?[/B] Depends on the server revision (317, etc). I think x50 is quite fair for most servers. I do however think that you should have options for different modes (similar to the current system Soulsplit has). Regular hit is wonderful for a challenge but most players will be reluctant you use it. [B]Best place for home?[/B] I like Ardy or a basic Lumbridge home. Stay away from Edgeville. [B]Donor/Staff zone?[/B] Definitely. I do think most if not all monsters/npcs should be available to f2p players. But, give easier excess for those who donate. [B]Donor/Staff item?[/B] Donate for items? Sure. I do think that they shouldn't be PvP items, though. [B]What mini-games/Suggestions for new mini-games?[/B] F2p Wars seem to be a favorite. [B]Must have atleast 5 items in wild to attack, or no?[/B] Yes, or a set value of items you must have with you. [B]Fast leveling for all skills, or decently hard?[/B] Medium. Learn to balance it just right for each individual skill. I enjoy a server where I can have fun with all of the skills, yet I don't want it to be so hard training them that I get bored. Find a happy medium. [B]Recommened ::max, or :ure command?[/B] No. [B]Starter sets?[/B] A decent pile of cash (will be different due to the different economies each server has). Runes/Arrows. Food (Lobsters or Sharks). A set of armor. Possibly skilling items. [B]Shop zone, or shops at home?[/B] No 'shop zone' per se. Spread them out based out different variables. Most of the weapon/rune/arrow shops can be located throughout Varrock. While keeping the skilling stores in Seers or Falador. [B]duel arena?[/B] Definitely. Stacking seems to be a favorite and I'd highly recommend it over a dicing system. [B]Tele tabs?[/B] Yes. [B]317 gfx's, or 508s?[/B] I prefer 317 since I generally see more and more developments done with that gameframe. However, 400's+ are good. [B]Eco/pking, or both?[/B] Both.
  4. This actually looks quite decent. Nice work and I hope it all goes well!
  5. Never been a fan of Pontiacs. Still, looks like you have some decent ideas planned out. Maybe you could consider some interior work as well? Best of luck here, man!
  6. Being able to discover, comprehend, or define ideas that have a lasting value.
  7. Most highly religious beings, especially those who suggest on shoving their beliefs down your throat. I also dislike petty people who achieve everything through the pockets of their parents.