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  1. Hello everyone I am currently looking for one or two experienced developers/coders for a 718 source. I need a hand-full of stuff added. Nothing to major. Just some minor things that will improve game play a lot. Myself and two other "staff" will be assisting you in whatever way possible. You will be well paid. I look forward to hearing from the community! Thanks everyone!
  2. Order Form: 1: Have you already added me on skype or pm'd me about your service(s)? no 2: What is your payment method? paypal 3: What service(s) are you asking for? many. adding skype now.
  3. [quote name='falconpunch']Keep your cash and use your brain. This is HELP section, not a buying section. If you have the cash, purchase a windows VPS from a company like flipperhost (just a suggestion, not advertisement) and set it up. If you need help doing this (it's not hard, open the firewall inbound 43594 tcp and udp, download JDK, download the source and cache and run it), look up a guide, and if you still need help I'll gladly do it for you for free, if I have the time and the morale.[/QUOTE] I have done everything you have said. For some strange reason i cant connect on my laptop. and my buddys cant connect either. im port forwarded/inbounds set/jdk installed/source and client are all set to go aswell. just need a little help trouble shooting.
  4. Hello Runelocus! I am new, i am trying to set up a 718 server for myfriends and myself. I have a working source and client that i can get on. I just cant get it online for others to use. I also need help adding various things. I am willing to pay if you are good enough!!! $$$$$ Please have skype and teamviewer. My skype is "runekid40". Feel free to add me on skype or message me here! Thanks everyone! :D
  5. Launching Server... [Launcher] Initiating Cache... Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 19 at com.rs.utils.Utils.getItemDefinitionsSize(Utils.java:313) at com.rs.cache.loaders.ItemsEquipIds.init(ItemsEquipIds.java:13) at com.rs.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:71) Press any key to continue . . . Can anyone help me out please? im not sure exactly what this means.. i am willing to pay for help aswell. add my skype runekid40
  6. well my logic tells me 718 source = 718 client. but apparently thats wrong? i dont know anything about revisions and how classes work. but comments like that arent going to help me....
  7. I have a 742 source and client. but i cannot get them to work. I have no idea how to check the sub_revision of the source and clients. i think thats the only issue. If anyone can help me getting this to work id be more then happy to compensate you for your time.:gg:
  8. how do i fix the errors.....?
  9. Hey guys im in need of people to help me get the server online and running. I want a 718+. I have money to buy whatever we need to get the server up and going. I just need some help doing so. If anyone is willing/wants to help PLEASE pm me or message me here. MY skype is "runekid40"!!
  10. hey man im in need of help! If you can add my skype "runekid40" that would be amazing thanks!
  11. [quote name='iLegion x']Well i suggest you dont say them shut up and stop being babies when they clearly do have proof when they have posted images, Bitch please, Leave the forums. OT: No pics no clicks, Media please.[/QUOTE] This makes no sense. Take your own advice and "Leave the forums."
  12. Hello guys i am having some serious trouble getting 718 online. ive done it numerous times in the past but i cannot seem to get it this time. Ive tried every single 718+ source i can find but not one seems to work for me. Ive portforwarded correctly, ive changed to my version of java but still no dice. I just need a small nudge in the right direction. If you can help me pm me or post here so i can give you my skype. Im also willing to buy a 718+ source and a coder. thanks everyone
  13. anyone have any suggestions? i cant figure it out :/
  14. my "sendhome" command wont work. [CODE] if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("sendhome")) { String name = ""; for (int i = 1; i < cmd.length; i++) name += cmd[i] + ((i == cmd.length - 1) ? "" : ""); Player target = World.getPlayerByDisplayName(name); if (target != null) target.setNextWorldTile(Settings.RESPAWN_PLAYER_LOCATION); return true;[/CODE] my "god" command wont work. [CODE]if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("god") && (player.getRights() == 2)) { player.setHitpoints(Short.MAX_VALUE); player.getEquipment().setEquipmentHpIncrease( Short.MAX_VALUE - 990); for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses()[i] = 5000; for (int i = 14; i < player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses().length; i++) player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses()[i] = 5000; return true;[/CODE] "getip" and "checkip" dont work. but are two different commands? arent they used for the same purpose? [CODE] /*if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("checkip")) { if (cmd.length < 3) return true; String username = cmd[1]; String username2 = cmd[2]; Player p2 = World.getPlayerByDisplayName(username); Player p3 = World.getPlayerByDisplayName(username2); boolean same = false; if (p3.getSession().getIP() .equalsIgnoreCase(p2.getSession().getIP())) { same = true; } else { same = false; } player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("They have the same IP : " + same); return true;[/CODE] [CODE]if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("getip")) { String name = ""; for (int i = 1; i < cmd.length; i++) name += cmd[i] + ((i == cmd.length - 1) ? "" : " "); Player p = World.getPlayerByDisplayName(name); if (p == null) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Couldn't find player " + name + "."); } else player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("" + p.getDisplayName() + "'s IP is " + p.getSession().getIP() + "."); return true;[/CODE] any fixes for these will be EXTREMELY helpful!!!! P.S. if anyone has cool coordinates for a staffzone or just a cool area and would like to share, that would be much appreciated too! :)