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  1. Hello people my name is Piti and today I'm here to ask all owners of any server to listen to this. I am a 13 year old boy but I can code a server from the revisions below. I can also make a website or modify any website that you might like for examples look at the list below. At the moment I am looking for a server that needs a Co-Owner and a Web Developer and if needed a Co-Coder. If you are a server that needs that then contact me. I am willing to join a server for just Co-Owner and Web Developer but I will only join one server. If you want me to be a Co-Owner And Web Developer for your site then you must post below and fill out the form I will have below. Please anybody that needs the jobs above don't hesitate to ask. And one last thing. The Server Has To Be Up For A Long Time! Server Revisions I Can Code: 317 562 562/loading anything 614 614/634 634 634/637 Some Websites That Are Easy For Me To Costumize: [url]WWW.RuneScape.Com[/url] [url]WWW.LeagueOfLegends.Com[/url] [url]WWW.RuneUnited.Com[/url] [url]WWW.RuneLocus.com[/url] [url]WWW.Rune-Server.Org[/url] EXT.... Form: *Name - *Server Revision - *Age - *Server Name - Server Link - *Where To Play Server - P.S. Serious People Only Please.
  2. Dazl it seems to me that no one else wants to apply. In that case I think you should just choose from the applications you already have so that you don't keep everyone waiting. If not then we'll just have to wait.
  3. Ok here the League Of Legends files theyre good and ready for use you just have to change the links and what not. link = [url]http://www.risingempire-online.com/League%20of%20Legends.zip[/url] if youd like to see a preview go to risingempire-online.com
  4. ok gates I am getting al the files atm it should be done in about half an hour.
  5. kk ty btw if they look good post here please.
  6. in about half an hour i should have finished the files that are missing ok? I hope you enjoy them when theyre done. btw if you use them for a server webby or something would you mind giving me some credit? if yes then thanks
  7. Hey D look heres some of the files like home page and alot of other stuff [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?2f132nc7av1wwip[/url] umm theres some files missing and some pics missing and other things but im downloading them as we speak.
  8. I'm getting all the files pretty soon i have the homepage and all the pics already but im remaking them again because i missed services.runescape.com and secure.runescape.com so im getting them now.
  9. ok D Escobar runescape has three main links atm i am getting all the files but this one might take a little longer to get and upload
  10. [quote name='Drain']Name - Andre Website - i'll get one up Age - 14 Pm or Public - any Is Webby Popular? - i can get it popular Why do you want this website? Explain? - might start something that wont die[/QUOTE] This makes no sense. What I'm offering is to get you a copy of any website you want files.
  11. Wow I can't believe no one wants a free wesite guys comeon its the website of your choice if you want runescape.com I'll get you runescape.com if you nick.com the same thing goes for that.
  12. Hello people my name is Piti and today I'm here to tell you I will be giving away free websites. How this works Step 1) just fill out the form below and in about 1 -2 hours I will post your website files in a post here or if you wish I'll pm them to you. Websites I will not do - none I will do any website you ask me to Also before I show you the application I would like to say something. I've been looking for a server to get adapted too something that won't shutdown instanly. I'm looking for a server that I can be Co-Owner in and Web Developer. I have my own webhsot so I can offer that too but if you own a server and our in need of a new Co-owner and a new Web Developer just pm me or post below. ok so now for the form. Name - Website - Age - Pm or Public - Is Webby Popular? - Why do you want this website? Explain? -
  13. piti187

    Looking For Hoster.

    Hello im looking for a hoster it does not have to be 24/7 its actually for probably just about an hour i will probably pay i will need complete access to your comp i just wanna code my server a little and probs get people playing. if you do do it 24/7 i will give staff and after a whole week of 24/7 give you 20 bucks