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  1. If the Project arrow is yours then why on this nooby account?
  2. i updated the npcdefinitions.java to a new one.i checked the unpackedcombatdefinitions and thats fine.thats why im posting here cause idk what else can be the problem.
  3. All my bosses animations are messed up.. i changed nothing when i upgraded caches with any of their files and they have weird attack animations.i checked the files and they're fine but idk what i can be.my friend is using same cache and his are fine. maybe npchandler.java?
  4. bhl simple


    ^ bad way of doing it as its overused method but w/e
  5. [quote name='Zittla']anyone have the link to download?[/QUOTE] [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?95134-Lost-Realm-718-Reupload[/url] there
  6. Thanks for the reupload i had this source months back but lost it c:
  7. [quote name='Gripper']Just uploaded: [url]http://uppit.com/nlh1inu46scc/Lost-Realm_718.rar[/url] Your welcome[/QUOTE] ily <3 c:
  8. The links are dead for it, anyone have a new link they can upload please? also no request section so im posting here.
  9. [quote name='yzh']i open the server and open the client after all is working good but the client is not loading stay at 0% what i do?[/QUOTE] thats because its not online.make sure you change the ip in loader.java in the client and open port"43594".
  10. dont mind this post i figured it out >.>
  11. ok ill have to set it up then. i was trying to avoid doign t hat right now as im doing tests with the source.
  12. [code]if (result != null) result.close(); result = null; [COLOR="#FF0000"]if (!World.database().statement().isClosed())[/COLOR] World.database().statement().close(); } catch (SQLException e) { }[/code]
  13. [url]http://prntscr.com/25lhmh[/url] help is appreciated :)
  14. People use eclipse it pretty much tells you what to fix and how to just give it a chance instead of being spoon-fed.