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  1. I've sold 2 so far and I really only want to sell 3 so 1 more will do Its to fund my new project
  2. Added some more goods on my link https://sellfy.com/timenrs3
  3. I started a new project, and this has been sitting on my desktop for a while. Added a sellfy link buy it through there or contact me on skype jahid.ahmad7 or discord Atherion#3525 For more information on Vasilos view my advertisement thread I can't find some of my pics so just message me if you want any other info. https://sellfy.com/p/OPWn/
  4. Patch Notes #2 - Treasure Hunter added - Changed home to Menaphos - All npc's dumped for Menaphos - Menaphos Marketeer's are pickpockable - Center are contains main npc's while Merchant area has the shops - Sophanem Dungeon npc's dumped - Godwars 2 added back - Twin Furies will be unavailable for now - Menaphos reputation system currently disabled to work out persisting bugs - Added Gemstone dragons to Slayer tasks - Sophanem Dungeon npc's added to Slayer tasks - Access to Sophanem is currently disabled and will be opened up in a couple hours - Angel of Death added will be available shortly as well Whats currently being worked on - Menaphos reputation system - Skilling around Menaphos - PvP Bots (Partially complete) - Updating revision to current RS3
  5. depends on your timezone were not that big yet
  6. The following update list is a bit small I've been a little preoccupied with exam week, and so I didn't really note down everything that was done I just got everything from the top of my head that was recently done so I'll be listing those and whats to come in the next update. Patch Notes #1 - Region Blackscreen Fix - Temporary fix to mem leak issues causing server to lag at times - Fixed the lag issues occuring while switching gears - Fixed trading issues [Player Appears to be Busy] - Disabled entry into GWD2 will be added back in the next update - Enabled Multi Logging [Should be able to play on multiple accounts for those players who have friends or family that play from same IP] - Missing links for reports/bugs added [If someone finds anymore please let myself or an admin know] - Fixed the Crafting Uncut Gems Interface bug - All voting links should be working now [For now the rewards are 1 mystery box and 25k coins per link] Whats To Come - GWD2 will be returning fully functional - Relocating home to Menaphos [All activites within the area will not be complete at this time] - Angel of Death - Complete remake of Slayer Skill and tasks - Skill related bug fixes
  7. updated links V2 client available
  8. I'd like to welcome JTlr Frost to our development team as a content developer. With the extra help we'll be able to come to a release date a lot faster. Today we managed to complete our home area as well as some "bosses" You guys can join our discord for more information on whats happening on the server.
  9. Official release is close, but no date is being given out yet. Thank you to everyone that has helped out in the Alpha, and the Beta, it was very beneficial to me I was able to find a lot of bugs with our newer content. As for now we are pushing a revision update to 881.
  10. Thank you BETA is online the countdown is started there are only 8 days remaining. Once you log in your able to master spawn, and tele wherever. Every day I will be introducing new content for you guys to play around with this is the beta so not everything is currently present in the game so far. Today I released Helwyr, and Vindicta for players to fight against use the command ::Helwyr or ::Vindicta As we continue beta Ill be showing more of the newer content. This does not mean we forgot about the little things. The official release will have everything completed and all the features you've seen in my update lists so far. To start playing just download the client at http://vasilos.org/VasilosBETA.jar
  11. What I've Done and What's to Come Over the past month I've been working on filling all the gaps in the server I've been sending over content from exylum, mostly redoing it since it was rushed work on our 718. Aside from just previous content from Exylum we started working on some new things as well from GWD2 to new raid bosses, and Invention. Development Team TimeNRS3 I will be posting plenty more images for everyone to see. Vasilos has much more then what there is to see Contributers Bobismyname Cjay0091 Hc747 JTlr Frost Kris Tommeh Nosz Walied
  12. TimeRS3

    Vasilos 876

    Thanks So we had a huge discussion on discord, and there were a lot of arguments. I took a lot of the suggestions seriously, and so I decided to increase the XP rates we'll stick too x35, and we'll also only support 3 game modes "Regular, Ironman, HC Ironman" I've adjusted a lot of the skills XP in general. A lot of the 876's coming out lately all use waiko as their homes so as a suggestion from one of our discord members I decided to change the location. You will still be able to access the Arc islands by using the ports. Also since my workload has been enormous working on this project alone isn't an option for me anymore if I want to release this to the public. So to lighten up the work, and work at a faster pace I will potentially be taking on 2 new developers. If there is something you guys want to see in the server join our discord and give me ideas were always discussing new ways to improve. https://discord.gg/Md4H6hD
  13. TimeRS3

    Vasilos 876

    Haven't updated the thread in a while however a lot of work has been going into the project I haven't kept track of all our updates heres a general list of what I've done so far. Updates 05/01/2017 - Work on Discord Bot now display's events and achievements in discord - More general bug patches - Fixed nullpointer causing server to shut down - Added a Launcher prep work for release date - Adamant dragons use correct attacks now Updates 05/02/2017 - Added Crystal Chest - Adjusted loot from crystal chest better chances in Prifddinas rather than taverly - Increased the levels required to go to Prif - Adjusted XP rates for Agility Courses - More work on GWD2 - Adjusted speed and amount of times Gregorovic will teleport between shadows Updates 05/03/2017 - Added Boss Mobs - Npc's spawned for mobs are more aggressive, and hit harder - Random Goblin raids from time to time will appear at home and multiple cities Updates 05/05/2017 - Ripper Demons Started *tbh didn't know these were a thing till I saw Tommeh do them decided to try doing it myself today. - Base for Ripper demons done - More stability updates server seemed to experience constant lag at some points of extended uptime. Updates 05/06/2017 - Added Livid Farm - Access to Livid farm is in Skilling teleports now - NPC at front of Farm has a general dialogue all bunched together for the time being - Rewards added for livid farm - Fixed a couple clue scroll objects - Ascension Dungeon fixes - Rorarius hits harder - Drop rate for Legio Keys increased - Legiones speed of attack increased Updates 05/07/2017 Today's Updates I'm still working on mostly for GWD2 Working on Twin Furies I decided to stop using dropbox cause it's so ass I had a small loss in work I did have a backup but my backup only went up to April 29th I'm spending all of today just to work on The Twin Furies. Also next week I will be updating to the latest revision
  14. TimeRS3

    Vasilos 876

    Updates 04/18/2017 - Added Adamant Dragons - Added Sunfreet - Fixed Sunfreets delayed decent - Fixed Celestial Dragon dragonfire - Celestial Dragon Teleport changed to the right area - Added StoneMason's shop - Added the Garden Supplier shop - Reduced XP Rates to x25 - Fixed Gregorovic's constant teleporting bug - Gregorovic will no longer repeat the gfx for teleporting after second phase of shadows - Spirit NPC added for Gregorovic *Still fixing the buff mechanic