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  1. Luckily I don't sit down at a desk for the majority of my day at work for 8 hours, only start of shift and little bit throughout the day. But then I get home and bust another 6-7 hours on my PC then sleep and repeat only time I leave it is when my girlfriend drags me out lol.
  2. The games turned into real life compared to what it was 10 years ago
  3. Droxcy

    Fresh Start

    I really want to get started back into Graphics full time so I'm starting up a site dontgare.com for people to inquiry about art they need made prices will be cheap to start off. I'll be doing any social media images, gaming content needed!
  4. We've all gone through plenty of aliases throughout the years but it's always been the original crew around! Gratz my dude!
  5. I'll still continue to stalk you on FB
  6. Knowing RLs luck shit would crash and we'd have to completely restart again
  7. Gives good perspective as to what goes on behind UI design. I like them, keep them coming making them will only advance others & yourself further.
  8. Like that you keep it updated.
  9. Something about the colors really aren't grabbing me personally. I mean in general, the colors work well together and the shapes. Are those the depthcore textures? Never been a fan of square based interfaces spotify, apple music etc. Only reason they're based around that is album art. Either way you accomplished an overall good looking UI.
  10. I remember you, welcome back.
  11. Welcome back glad to see old members trotting around again!
  12. Droxcy

    2nd February 2018

    Nice nice! Almost too many bars now. also what's this negative space @Cart?
  13. I want to kill myself trying to level divination...
  14. Had the account for a few months now, I play when I can and achieve little goals here and there. Currently trying to get the levels for the quest for the Slayer Helmet GP: 12m Any suggestions on what I should do for cash at my level? UPDATED STATS 6/14/17 Big Christmas Update:
  15. Wow, think I still used the alias Beastman back in those days. Welcome to RL!
  16. out with the old in with the new