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  1. good update. glad to see more to come :d keep up good work
  2. 317 was best. never the same after
  3. 2/10 don't smoke week. but good music is good for the soul.
  4. Dylan

    Recent work

    its very unique something i haven't seen before, keep up great work mate
  5. good job, i really like that control panel. Great job on it.
  6. wow not bad mate. keep it up
  7. great work so far. keep it up :D
  8. bread belongs in the freezer if you are trying to keep it for a bit.
  9. wow looks pretty good, going to try it out :D
  10. what yall doing? dag

  11. i don't like the new interface, old interface for life :D
  12. Dylan

    RS2 vs RS3 look

    i dont like rs3. old graphics ftw :D
  13. wow nice car man :d #jelly
  14. Dylan

    Like Moving?

    never moved. and no option for that
  15. looks great. keep up good work with this :D
  16. [quote name='Rich']No one, and I mean no one is going to pay $100 for 1M..[/QUOTE] You never know. Some people are really fucking messed up in the head and don't care about money
  17. Yea we will defiantly get it. We only need 50k votes. But then there won't be any updates and what now. We need atleast 500k votes that would be nice.
  18. it will hopefully come back. i am really excited for it.
  19. keep up good work. hopefully jagex don't close this,