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  1. ur gonna get fucking banned for post "leech" on every thread i've reported you many times gtfo my posts you pathetich fucking loser.

  2. add pause to your cmd and see what the error is..
  3. lol you're really bad if you cant fix a missing bracket error
  4. looks legit
  5. pay me and ill do it for ya ;)
  6. [quote name='axter']Not to be rude, but can you not read code? lawl.[/QUOTE] i can lmfao calling me a rude kid? whats u? always having negative comments all i can say leave community since ur not friendly
  7. which source are you using?
  8. [quote name='Hydra123'][CODE] World.spawnObject(new WorldObject(47173, 10, 0, COORDS, COORDS, 0), true);[/CODE] that's the code for Ge "thingy"[/QUOTE] thanks!
  9. [quote name='Subliminal']Well i'm gonna try i'll get back too you.[/QUOTE] great thanks for the activity
  10. that thing where the npc stand in
  11. tried to make it with xteamaker but a cmd error came : can not xtea650.txt :L so it tried to create the file but still the same :L mind telling me your way?