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  1. Guys, The Source link isn't dead, the full link is "http://uppit.com/umb34i2fo8kt/Source%5Bupdated%5D.zip" but when he put [updated] it didn't register that it was part of the link, so when you click the link it just goes to "http://uppit.com/umb34i2fo8kt/Source" which obviously, isn't a valid URL. Hope I helped.
  2. Every single mirror link is dead, Fix?
  3. Yeah, OP if you even use RuneLocus anymore, Jagex removed all of your links. Fix them please?
  4. This is just simply amazing, VERY nice job OP. Will use this for my RSPS site.
  5. FGC Diesel


    Nice PI, OP. Going to test it out with my new Project.
  6. If you're having client loading or server compiling errors, Make sure the RuneMythv2 Cache is in your C:\ Drive. Gj on this OP, Might be using it for a small project test.
  7. Are you gonna upload dat cache or no :).
  8. Google Chrome says the Deob Output is malicious?
  9. Client doesn't load with the bat file, someone fix please? Opens and exits without opening the client.
  10. I'm going to use this as a offline learning project, going to edit it and see what I can do with java^^. Thanks for this release, looks really good - I'm having no problems loading it up so far.
  11. Edit: Found it, it's "Coords" command in-game, lol Please close this thread.
  12. Well, I'm trying to move the MagicPortal from Edgeville home with the RsCalifornia source/client/cache that was released, and to move it to where I want I need to stand there and get my coordinates, someone said check your character file in data/characters but the file is not readable what so ever, and I searched for "coords" "pos" nothing came up. So, any other ways to get your exact coords?
  13. [quote name='Tree Fetis']Could anybody help me with making myself admin on this?[/QUOTE] Fetis, you should not be working with a high revision like 714 unless you are familiar with 317 and the lower revisions. To change this it's in player.java
  14. I want to change the Quest tab icon to something different, I would know how to do it, but whereabouts should I look for the images and files? I'm using "Rscalifornia" as my starting source/cache and client. Any help would be appreciated, do not troll like "You should start at 317".