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  1. Well, might be easier to find another source and work from that. Time to search through another immense amount of ghost virus filled clients/sources.
  2. Appears my java version is not the problem.
  3. Hmm.. perhaps out of date? Or... maybe I need to find ANOTHER source/client. This is getting old..
  4. Unfortunately, that is exactly what I do each time I create my jar.
  5. I am assuming you mean the information inside of it? If so.. [QUOTE]@echo off cd files Start javaw -Xmx500M client 82 highmem exit [/QUOTE] Would be how it appears in notepad.
  6. Ah, sorry. I don't have teamviewer. Can you give some instructions on here?
  7. I've followed several guides of which have showed me to do exactly the same thing. So pretty much, the following. Output directory is simply placed as my desktop. Input directory is my client folder. Manifest-templated is set as client. I create the jar.. but it does not launch. So, I figured perhaps I need to sign it? So.. I placed my created jar as the input jar file. Jarsigner found in my jdk/bin Hit generate keystore. Found my keytool location (in the jdk/bin) Output is my desktop, file is called certificate. Done my alias and public/private keys. Deleted the information below the validity days' 0. Hit generate keystore. Keystore file = certificate on the desktop. I punch in the appropriate alias and key details. Hit Sign jar. Jar is signed.. but still will not launch. Any idea what I have done wrong?
  8. I seem to be getting this message each time I try to run it as a Java Application. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6184[/ATTACH] I'm sure it is something small, I'm new.
  9. Thanks, I'm still having problems (I think) though.
  10. [quote name='Hash']These are only warnings, not errors; this mens that the server still can run.[/QUOTE] Thank you for replying, sorry about my lack of knowledge on Ps's. So, considering that a server can still be ran, regardless of those warnings. I decided to Run it. Strange enough, nothing happened. All I recieved was this message in the "Console" area. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6177[/ATTACH]
  11. Hello community of Runelocus. The title obviously states what I am in the area of RSPS's. Though, it has always fascinated me to actually develop one and perhaps in turn, host one. So, I decided to look for a tutorial on RSPS's and superb, I found the Runelocus tutorial. I have managed to follow this as closely as possible. I believe I have downloaded the appropriate JDK for my system and I have done all that is needed in the area of No-IP. I do not use a router at this point in time, so I skipped that area of the tutorial. So onto the step of "Getting Your Actual RSPS" I took the advice of grabbing the "Shards Revolution" server and grabbed the appropriate client to that. So I continued on, following the instructions of the tutorial and managed to get the server and client up, superb! So, I am running around kicking goblins to death, ect. So I figured, ok onto the next stage. Programming. I have just about no real experience with programming and such. As the title of the post should bring one to expect. So I figured I would download Eclipse and after following the appropriate steps through that, being learning how to develop my own setup. So I follow all the steps in the area about Eclipse until I manage to open a Java project. When I have managed to get the Shards Server into the package explorer, I get these messages of there being "problems". [ATTACH=CONFIG]6176[/ATTACH] I am curious as to whether I have done something wrong throughout my setting up of Eclipse, or perhaps anything throughout the entire tutorial. Apologies if this is some how not posted in the correct area, or just a hassle itself to be flooded by questions from noobs in this area.