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  1. [CENTER][COLOR="#000000"][SIZE=3][COLOR="#FF0000"]Pure Chaos We have a fully working vote system with rewards such as barrows ect. 317 Working PvP system will be rewarded 1 tokkul each kill Anti Farm Activity Points every 5 minutes which you can spend on Ags etc. One Staff Position Available Perfect combat with all specials working and all correct timers Spawn tabs for instant PK No overpowered items Pk tokens system No lag or disconnects 100% Uptime Fully working items lost on death All spells working including magic orbs.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR] [/CENTER] Will Update with Pictures shortly. Webclient : [url]http://purechaos.info/play.php[/url] Vote Page : [url]http://purechaos.info/vote/vote/#?step=1[/url] Forums : [url]http://forum.purechaos.info/[/url] Come & Play:)