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  1. npc id is 492, thats what i put
  2. still nothing is showing up... and yes i compiled
  3. but what if its already taken XD ok ill try it though, like i said im use to delta which is just copy and pasteing XD thanks
  4. i changed it to 9008 ( random one i made up that doesnt exist )
  5. ive tried other npcs too
  6. yes he is a spirit of scorpius.
  7. ok so did it all correctly but it still wont work any ideas? no errors at all.
  8. and l0l0l0l @ what romeo said l0l
  9. yeah, but i have my own server which i suck at coding cause theres somany categorys in pi :)
  10. nooo what i want is to make npcs shout, currently 0 npcs shout.
  11. wait is this even possible on a 317 pi?
  12. i know this is a noob problem , but im not familiar with pi... please help.