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    XP Rate

    I want a good server, not one where you can reach 99 attack in 10 minutes. How can I make the rate lower. I want it to take about 4 hours to reach 99 in most levels, after I learn how to change it, I will change each skill to how I see fit. Please, help me!
  2. [quote name='Rich`']Its c.sendMessage and delete the statement thing.[/QUOTE] Statement was just to inform you that I was sending statement not npcface just incase it was needed. It's not actually there and what do you mean it's c.sendMessage that's not what I need I have the first talking dialogue you don't understand....
  3. I have the dialogue where the lumbridge guide gives you a guide book, but how do I make it so that if you have the item in inventory it shows something else. I tried using [COLOR="#FF0000"]getItems().playerhasitem(xxxx, 1)) { (You have the book [COLOR="#0000FF"][statement][/COLOR]); } else { getItems().addItem(xxxx, 1); (Sure, Ill give you a guide![COLOR="#0000FF"][statement][/COLOR]); [/COLOR] Then compiled and got 6 errors! How do I do this?
  4. Ugggghhhh see what I mean? I don't want to use alert! I want it to do it on command!
  5. Ugggghhhh see what I mean? I don't want to use alert! I want it to do it on command!
  6. you guys are no help....... i don't know how to make interface open or nothing your too complicated
  7. like im trying to see the possibilies for commands but i need a list of those c.(commandstuffhere) i don't know them all and need them to see what I can do with commands!
  8. I couldn't find anything like this in tutorials or on google, so here it goes. Can someone give me a link or create a list of these things for making commands, like heres the ones I know c.getItems()addItem/deleteItem/keepItem(id, amount); c.teleportToX/Y = xxxx; c.sendMessage("xxxxxxx"); I am sure you know what I mean now, and I don't need the c.int things either because you can't get those without my server's stuff. I just need the basics, like sending message to all players and how to add the player's name that did that command to sendMessage! ?CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP?
  9. There is no guide books in my source so I have nothing to edit.....I don't know how to create a complete new one, so can someone help me with the code? I will put the Book Item ID so someone can put it in the code for me! [COLOR="#00FF00"]6749[/COLOR] - Demonic Tome So, how do I make this book open a background like the book back and add text when clicked Read? I have it set to send message on click then destroy item, but I want the actual book interface with text? How do I do it?
  10. I have netbeans but I don't understand what you mean do I just open the CMD in the IDE?
  11. Well I can't see it in enough time, it just runs for like 2 seconds then closes the CMD Prompt and doesn't open client or run server!
  12. ShadowNinjaHog

    Windows Xp

    Everytime I try to get a 508 or + , it won't run right! I heard that it may be because I have windows xp. I can't change it, because it had to be downgraded from Vista, it crashed. But, now that I have XP Pro, does anyone have a 711 or above Source + Client that will actually work for me? I can play other private servers, though! Please help me!:eek:
  13. [quote name='pkingbandit']Make a new case in dialogue then in actionhandler, make a new case witch will be the npc id, then c.getDH().sendDialogues(####, 0); the ## is the case in dialogue[/QUOTE] Ok, so the case # is the npc's id, or the 0? and whats firstclick method
  14. How do I make a brand new dialogue like a new line, and make it show on the click of an npc. I tried this before but when I clicked on the NPC I tried to set it to, nothing happened. So, can someone give me all the steps to make a NPC show dialogue when clicked? ~Using OverloadX 317 Source