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  1. bump PLease help me
  2. I have tried many things and many tutorials but nothing will work. My problem is that I will set some NPC's to a location, and I want them to not move, but I can't seem to get it to work. Things I have tried: - I went into the NPCSpawning.java and set everything to false, example: World.spawnNPC(659, new WorldTile(3160, 3489, 0), -1, false, false); - I went into the NPC.java and set all the RandomWalks to false, example: if(id == 659) setRandomWalk(false); - I also went into the unpackedSpawnsList.txt and added all the coords, etc. Is there anything I need to do or didn't do? Help would be appreciated and will be rewarded with a rep++ Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, Ive been having trouble making a webclient using the Trisidiax client [aka] insidiax client. But when I make the jar and upload it to my webhost, i therefore test my webclient and get this error: "Error, Click for details". [IMG]http://i1253.photobucket.com/albums/hh599/tacos1223/error.jpg[/img] Here is the client that Im using if you want to take a look! [url]http://uppit.com/q4dvckcvsy6r/TrisidiaX_Client.zip[/url] Help would be appreciated with a rep++! Please help me! My skype name is: uiotube if you want to contact me
  4. Before any of you ask, yes i have put some prior knowledge into before posting. Anyways, I added the mysql database and everything in my control panel, I just cant find a good tutorial or some good help with this. I am really struggling with this and need some major help. Thanks guys! :D Skype: uiotube
  5. Hey guys, I need help making highscores for my 718 rsps, I will be giving a ++rep for whoever helps me! I added all the stuff on my source, I just need help creating a database. So please help me, In many thanks, Tyler
  6. We should work together on some things ;)

  7. bumping it up still need help guys
  8. Can anyone help get the code so when I click on the thieving stall it gives me something and xp? Help would be appreciated! :D
  9. OK so I know this might be a stupid and basic question but i just cant figure it out. I got into my matrix source/data/npcs/unpackedspawnslist and I change the coords to the new home that Im making. But I honestly dont know how to make them stop walking. Please help me! :o I will rep++ whoever helps me!
  10. Ok so I have two quick questions, I am just going to get to the point on this. 1. Where do I go and edit to change things in my quest tab? 2. Where do I go and edit so when you thieve from a stall, you get something and get xp. All it says when I do it is "Nothing interesting happens". Help would be appreciated and rewarded with a rep++. Thanks! :)
  11. Im willing to make someone a deal out there. I cant find any Matrix sources and clients that have no errors and can run what so ever. So I am going to make a deal. I will make anyone out there a webclient using jarmaker if they can give me a working matrix source and client. My skype name is: uiotube P.S ~ I will go first.