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  1. BoNeZz

    Demon Teleport

    do you got the pegasus, and ninja teleport gfx's?
  2. does any one around here know how to get a home interface with forums dl and play now than add forums too .com too!! ill payy
  3. bump.. website devs please ill pay. need too use a MM! or we can work something out, i need some one to edit my .com with a template and put forums on it
  4. BoNeZz

    718 drops!

    ihave it working i displee just said that that error public and it should work?
  5. this is really great!! nice work!
  6. BoNeZz

    718 drops!

    bump? anyone help?
  7. BoNeZz

    718 drops!

    i did a poor mans way and just deleted the error line and it worked but the drop editor seems too be glitchy i think, ill edit it and pack it than it would like make it diffrent from what im adding not sure tho. anyone got a fully working 718/723 drop editor?
  8. BoNeZz

    718 drops!

    ok well i tried too convert the drop editor from matrix 667,, in which i got 32 errors but i got it down to just one... now i cant get... i compared both itemdefinitions on both sources too make sure i have everything transferd too the 718. but its still giving me this src/com/rs/tools/dropEditor.java:435:error: id has private access in ItemDefintions list.add(Drop.create(itemDef == null ? 526 : itemDef[COLOR="#FF0000"].[/COLOR]id + (plusOne ? 1 : 0), rate minAmount, maxAmount, isRare)); and the ---------------------------------------- ^ is pointed under the red.
  9. BoNeZz

    718 drops!

    i have looked into, npcdrops, the npcs folder( like nexs ) i cant find it. How do i edit please help me or give me hints.. thanks
  10. BoNeZz

    718 drops!

    I need help editing my drops, how would I do so
  11. Im looking too have some one make me a 900x900 client backround with fight caves, dicing, pking, qbd, and crucible all collaged within. Fully hd not stretched so its not all blocky pixels, top middle say server name and bottom middle (smaller writting say [url]www.(servername).com[/url] Divine Exile is the server name, D is in red as well as X [COLOR="#FF0000"]D[/COLOR]ivine E[COLOR="#FF0000"]x[/COLOR]ile other letters in server name too be white let me know your pricing thanks
  12. ok ill do it if you do everything i said, and ill give u some sites that i want it too look like, thanks ! im just not good with .coms -.-
  13. ok now i have it fixed, and how do i get it so they all dont yell at the same time?? { Player players = (Player)iterator.next(); players.getPackets().sendGameMessage("<col=006600><shad=000000>[Server] text <col=ff0033>"+string); new Random(); players.getPackets().sendGameMessage("<col=006600><shad=000000>[Server] testtt