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  1. Whip out your cock. Bitches love the cock.
  2. Wumby

    Blank Source

    [quote name='Hash']Sean's 718 source, but not sure if you can still find it.[/QUOTE] pm me? Desperate </3
  3. Wumby

    BRO pm me pleaasee<3

  4. Wumby

    Easy FIX

    hash, pm me can you tv me? or something
  5. Wumby

    Easy FIX

    Ok so im done with my server, and i have it jarred. I sent it 2 of my friends to test. 1st friend able to play fine (windows) 2nd cant play when launches client it gets stuck at "Unable to Load/Download Cache" Any fixes?
  6. Well everytime i jar and try running on a mac. Dosent work.. I think i might be doing something wrong. IF anyone can .jar it for me on teamviewer or on their own would be great. You will receive mod or admin.!
  7. Right click compiler and go to edit, Youll see something like jdk(version) Change it to the version you have it save then compile.
  8. Wumby

    Compiling on MAC

    So guys basically i googled and youtubed this and thought im screwed, but then i realized Runelocus is full helpfull members. Can anyone help me compile on mac. The normal file in clients dont work on mac i dont know what to do..
  9. Wumby

    Server on Mac?

    So guys ive been trying to make one today almost all day. And attempted to do so in the past. Can anyone tell me from experience if they ever had one running on Mac? Really want to make it!
  10. Wumby

    How do i .JAR

    Well ok i have my server up and running but its on a windows computer and i wanna play on my MAC, how can i .jar it?
  11. Guys I'm having a client problem it opens and everything but when its about down to load it freezes at "Unpacking Media 80%" Heres a picture [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/208/screenshot20120712at413.png/][IMG]http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/6185/screenshot20120712at413.png[/IMG][/URL] Can anyone help?
  12. Not impossible i have seen these.
  13. there isnt a nomination but its x25xquinton but i g2g for a bit

  14. [quote name='pkingbandit']im sorry but i cba to explain id rather show you its easier[/QUOTE] Pking can you give me your Skype you were support to help me yesterday.