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  1. Fixed. Thanks though :D All I did was switched "c.isDonator" to "o.isDonator" on my old method. Weird eh? but it worked.
  2. Nay, didn't work :(
  3. go to client.java in you client, search for "server =" and then replace it with or It should've been the default ip though. Also, make sure you portforwarded correctly.
  4. Or you can watch youtube videos on how to portfoward. It was really simple when i did it.
  5. By "client is working" do you mean your run.batch isnt working? or is it that you cant log in? and yea, how is your server up and running if your client's not working.
  6. I think that only happens for the owner. Normal players won't have that happening. You shouldn't delete that because it helps with removing things and stuff...
  7. It is client sided buddy, if you didn't know that. Go to you client, and look for client.java. then look there. If this didnt help you then simply just search it on the searchbar.
  8. go to your source and go to client.java and search for the phrases in you quest tab. Replace and compile Oh yea, this cracked me up xD mongolkid [quote name='RickvH'] I think I need the .class files, but I don't know how to edit them. So my question is, do you or anybody else on here know how to edit .class files?[/QUOTE] You don't edit .class files. Thats the compiler's job. it converts your .java 's into the class files.
  9. For announcements, check in ur source if you have an "Announcements" application and explore from there. Sorry thats the only way i know how to do it. BTW, this is only for when you log in. And sorry if i didnt help much. Im contributing ideas
  10. xloeluex

    Need suggestions

    IF you don't have alot of players, and is just starting, I'd suggest you to start out with a free smf forums like "smfforfree.com" and then purchase a better Forums later on.
  11. I'm willing to try out your server and give feedback as well. I'm new to RsPs coding and do limited coding. :P
  12. xloeluex


    Try looking in your itemassistant.java and try and search for something like this. It should help you out somewhat. If not, then I'm sorry. [CODE] if(itemName.contains("granite shield")) { if(!itemName.contains("maul")){ c.defenceLevelReq = 50 ; } return; }[/CODE]
  13. First of all, you shouldnt double post, second of all sorry i cant help u with ur error but for dicing just look up a tutorial on rune-server or runelocus. For me i just simply added a roll command, which uses forchats. lol What were you trying to do before you got the error?
  14. Sometimes your IPv4 changes its last digit, you may have to check it again in Command prompt and see if it changed. If it has, change it to what it was on CP in ur router setup thing. If not, make sure his client connects to your no-ip (changing to your no-ip)
  15. [quote name='pkingbandit']I think if you just put like else if(c.isDonator == 1) { o.pkPoints = (0.pkPoints + 4); etc[/QUOTE] Ah, that looks like it'll work, thanks.