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  1. mongolkid My signature show off rate it. it worths a 9 for me, What do you think?
  2. [quote name='axter']Actually, i never posted that. The 12 year old kid is just mad that he doesn't know what java is and i hurt his little feelings.[/QUOTE] did you saw me pm :D?
  3. [quote name='K3VIN']You can only get better, and I bet since the time he posted this he has done nothing but get better at Java. I give it a 1, bet you have had some dumb questions in your time.[/QUOTE] why a 1? this is worth a 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. So here is my signature rate it
  5. money pouch bug? done the polypore dungeon bottom floor since i demoted you g.e is not working propely cant you read or? did i said stall are giving 10k money>? and spawning 1 sec back? lmao kid,
  6. [quote name='axter']Lol no you can't. You couldn't do .1% of what I've done, and you haven't done ANYTHING to your server.[/QUOTE] tthats why i done grand exchange almostly + dungeoneering? all you did is ripping from others source rofl that isnt your work.
  7. not much thoug ^? i can call that a leech
  8. [quote name='axter']And you can't do anything without posting a help thread.[/QUOTE] kay show me what you done :D? only polypore dungeon lol nice
  9. [quote name='gammling88']well if someone wants a server where it takes 5 days to add stalls(still failed) i guess they would love this :)[/QUOTE] hey gammling88, hosw your server :D? fag you cant even jar l0l0l0l0l0l0ll
  10. [quote name='axter']All you did was dl it from rune server. facepalm[/QUOTE] yh i did? are you going to download it from project-wreck? LOL ( btw did i say i toke the cache my own?) idk whats wrong with rune-server but ok.
  11. bump added new pictures.