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  1. i need a few pople who caN PROVIDE ME WITH A DECENT FORUMS A WEB CLIENT and maybe vps services also need server testers my msn adress is [email][email protected][/email] please do contact me i will involve you as co- owners and make you have access to all donations recieved
  2. garion

    seeking co- owner

    hello im still looking here is my skype garionh2
  3. im looking for a person who is willing to put 50% effort into my server for the title of co-owner please reply to the thread my msn address is [email][email protected][/email]
  4. i have my client with altered ip adress and the cache needed to use it but i get the error windows needs to know what prgram to use the file or somethign similar to that how do i fix this what do i need to do thanks for the help im using 562/659 client
  5. im looking for a dedicated team im willing to reward services im looking for a website designer a webclient compatible one and a webclient creator i am also looking for beta testers im willing to make co-owners and admins and mod spots are open please reply to this topic or contact me on my email msn @ [email][email protected][/email] thankyou for your time the server i am hosting is a 562/659 called garionscape ill be adding new stuff very often this will be a great project @! i just need a website really to upload the client onto then we have a server easy to access and play then some one please help
  6. how do i see players passwords for there accounts i need to know how to do this mate
  7. thats the whole point of this forum for him to give help on players with issues can you please tell us what to do its pissing me off this error i have jre6
  8. when i change it to jre6 i get this error so what am i doing wrong ihave jre6 and jre7 here is the error [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/287g4jk.png[/IMG]
  9. all the files are now missing i dont know what to do i im using alhassascape source n client and one minute i could seach and edit find then all of a sudden i can not find any .java files even when i search for them and a few xml things have just appeared what do i need to do to fix this please help me
  10. it was working fine i come to play and it comes up with this so what do i need to do
  11. [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/x6fxjq.png[/IMG] need to know what to do to fix it
  12. can you please tell me how to fix this error ive been looking for hours [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/x6fxjq.png[/IMG] i just deleted the source and started again with the same one now i cant even find .java files when i search them what do i have to do this is stressing me out now
  13. i have a few more questions how do i see players passwords so if i had adoubt i could check there account out and also i cant open the drop edit file would i have to use eclipse to edit them? and i am classed as the main owner so i do not know why i cant tele to ppl or tele them to me any ideas? p.s can you also tell me where i can remove all alhassa traces so i can swap them with my server name im sick of it coming up i need to change it to the name of my server thank you ver much sir your a great help
  14. a trade doesnt come up even when we are not staff so im confused and i need to fix the teleto command because it says i cannot teleport a player into clan wars :S
  15. hello all i am using alhassascape source in the download section i need help i cant trade with players and they cant trade with me also the tele command does nt work it says you can not teleport some one into clan wars can some one give me a tutorial on what to do thanks alot :)