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  1. If they named Bing, "Bang" it would be soo much more popular. Think about it, saying to somebody, "I just banged miley cyrus." so much more fun then "I just binged miley cyrus."
  2. If someone needs to cache reuploaded, message me. Or just wait a few weeks my next best version will come.
  3. Make sure, you use good posture. I didnt when I started, and had 4 months of back pain and had to go to the docters many times. Make sure you know what your doing. Goodluck.
  4. Cataclysm

    Water vs Fire

    Depends how each is applied to each other. And of course quantity of both.
  5. Runescape2007 is out and I know how time to play. So I am releasing my project to the community, something I haven't done in the past. But I am done with RSPS until I can learn some "actual" java and not be a wanna be :)! So here it is! I have been working on this for a bit of time. Then it hit me. I need to learn much much more. So this release is all to those people who want it. Experienced or not. If any of you use this goodluck on your development. No need for credits, as people who need credits are people who care to much. SlightlyInsane There is NO ANTI-LEECH Features [B][COLOR="#00FF00"]100% Perfect Switching Nex, Corp, Jad, Nomad and More Bosses Great Loyalty System With 100 Points A Hour! Donator, Super Donator Ranks with features Great Cpu Usage Fullscreen With NO LAG Player, Firemaking, Npc and region Clipping Npc tile clipping Aura's Ingame Working Bank Pins Bank Searching Squeal Of Fortune Donor only zone, Including donor checks New monster's teleporting interface Supers&Overload Making with herblore New item models, Torva, Bandos and more 120 Dungeoneering, With great dung system Full construction With all private house and public zone! Some 508 Maps! Staff Tab, With online and offline status Dominion Tower, Castle Wars and many more minigames New Gambling Systems set up, Lottery, Gambling wizard Dwarf Multi cannon two worlds with switching Custom Interfaces new context menu's[/COLOR][/B] Media [spoiler=Media] [/spoiler] This is my release to RuneLocus only. Please do not post this on other forums without my permission. Thank you. If you have any questions just ask below, I will try to answer quickly. Downloads: Package[Source and Client]: http://uppit.com/su4qxkocn7qy/Package_Release_SI.rar Cache: Gone.. EDIT: I am not sure if this is the correct, cache but people have been begging, I am pretty sure, though so go ham. Credits: Who knows.
  6. Just a quick thread. Right now I am developing a server which will take some time and is a big project. I need someone who can host a website. I cannot afford godaddy or anything. So anyone who has a webhost and wants to join me in my project just leave your skype below or add me on skype. By the way. No .webs or some crap. Please be experienced. Skype: RuneKeep
  7. This is so awesome. Newfags should leave though
  8. I love how they say its for the community though. :)
  9. Cataclysm

    RSPS team

    Fatmess has a point. Nuff Said.
  10. Cataclysm

    RSPS team

    Hey i wouldnt mind doing this, just PM me atm I am at school. Also Skype is: RuneKeep I already have a project going and a website being built so we would not have to start from scratch.