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  1. First I want to say someone is using my server name and my old source Hello, Welcome to aeros osrs with a twist We've been coding for the past few weeks. We decided to put this server in beta stage. Before anyone calls us a leecher, yes we're using runity source, but we're changing it up a lot so further a do here on some screenshots of ingame Discord link https://discord.gg/sa4yzqp DOWNLOAD LINK https://www.dropbox.com/s/y89k64kb11g23j6/Aeros%20Beta.jar?dl=0 Clan management
  2. Hello, Welcome to my new server it's in beta stage at this time. but please check it out. Our forums are under development. https://i.imgur.com/Bi6eHmk.gifv https://discord.gg/HACm57b
  3. Hello Welcome to Aeros Beta, We are just in The beta stage right now We have all working skills We have mini games, and bosses Few custom interfaces Pk mode still being worked on almost finish vote and donate still being worked on Boss event is almost finished. 4 custom pets with pet perks Working inferno - Updated users' yell colors - 200m xp announcements - Inferal max cape is added to make it you need infernal cape plus max cape use item on item and it makes infernal max cape - 2 pet perks has been added fairy pet drop bonus of 20 percent, and dragonkin pet it tele grab your item from a npc you kill 50 percenct chance of banking ur loot if you have him in the wildy it auto maticlly teleport your loot to the bank pvp - Osrs items added, - Fixed infernal max cape - 120 capes fixed and added - I have added a command to allow the end user to change the color of their yell. Trimming armor is added you need 200mil xp in crafting and the materials https://discord.gg/6FWMWdq I know I need to work on adv thread please don't hate This is a ecomoney server We strive to add new content daily. Forums - Aeros MEDIA INFERNO Boss TELE Infernal Max Cape MINIGAMES Custom pets BLOOD Money Store still be worked on Custom Home More pics--Sorry for the links for the GIF It wont show up in IMG to upload https://i.imgur.com/FDPxSSf.gifv a before and after pic before infenral max cape fix thanks to Charlie Pk MODE--Starter still being worked on ARMOR Trimming https://i.imgur.com/EYIxdvj.gifv
  4. Hello, Welcome to Purgatory-x http://www.purgatory-x.com/ play OSRS BOSSES All working skills click skill to teleport to it Ironman,HCIM,ULT IRON man modes Different XP rates Mini-games Achievements Fully working info mini game https://i.imgur.com/VG4HDac.png
  5. Hello, Welcome to District-x We have friendly staff. Mini games + ffa mini game Os bosses os items. Shooting star/evil tree Active staff. We are looking for new players we just came out of beta stage. District-x MEDIA Credit: Ruse, A--J helped me code kidz my coder and runelive
  6. just got forums today www.district-x.net
  7. Hello, Welcome to District-X, brand new custom server. with different game modes, and daily updates. Forums Link features - 500+ Customs - Active Community - Friendly Staff Team - Active Updates - Professional Website/Forums - Daily Events - Prestige - Achievements - Dicing - Never seen customs - Highscores - Iron man modes - MiniBosse - Daily updates & events - boss pets - Many More -Dwarf Multi Cannon -Single and Duo Slayer task -Boss Slayer Tasks -Gloabal server Announcements -Working Trivia bot -100% Unlimited Money Pouching storing up to Unlimited -Working Quick Prayers -100% Summoning -Processed Quest tab updating - Custom Pet system -25 skills working fully! -Recieve cash in coin pouch for skilling -Inferno Adze -Burning effect -FULLY working bank tabs and bank system -Skilling Task and Point System -Youtube Management System -Custom Dungeoneering -BOSS PETS -Dicing and Mithril Seeds -New Pest Control System added -Castle Wars system -Clan wars in the making -FFA Minigame - 500+ Customs - Active Community - Friendly Staff Team - Active Updates - Daily Events - Prestige - Achievements - Amazing Forums - Stable Economy - Many custom bosses - No lag - Friendly community - 24/7 vps - Real custom npcs - Custom Specs - Working Achievements - FullScreen - Over 15 Bosses + Media Coming Soon!
  8. Forums Invision Power Board Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/f39q5djzczzbew4/Deception.jar?dl=1 Hello, welcome to deception os based server loading 121 data We have working mini games working skilling, unqie content. daily updates We try to update daily, and host events this is the first time it will be local i'm looking for some mods and admins, a co that can help me dev please do not beg for staff First 3 people log in gets 3 mboxes here is some media