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  1. Im Using Solitude's Source, I Portforwarded and I Know I Did it because If i open another Source its online, but i dont know whats wrong with solitude that, i open the source and its like i haven't opened it yet... i checked on a status page and its says its offline... any Ideas??:confused:
  2. Any Good Sites, i Can Use to Make A Webclient?
  3. Or go on your routr admin panel and look for portfowarding Info.
  4. Hey Im running InsanityX V8 Source and i wanted to change the "register at InsanityX.net" On the Quest tab. I Changed it, Compiled and when i Run The server i get this error... [ATTACH=CONFIG]5860[/ATTACH] When i Compiled It Says This [ATTACH=CONFIG]5861[/ATTACH] Any 1 Knows PLz Help ....