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  1. is your server bitrune, taken off yet?

  2. Look forward toooo lookin into this & I will consider staying if its for me.. look forward to meeting you.
  3. youre discord link is invalid, tried to add. Add ' narcotics#7071'
  4. Looks good id say.. depends on the real test now.
  5. Our join date is 7 days apart, damn i just realized that.
  6. Got any servers i could catchup on a join? I just resigned mod from soulplay because i can't spare the time between my son and gaming because the servers gone dead. Tired of devoting time to 250+ afk people sitting in market autoadverting there items for sale. Shit gets old after 6 months.
  7. Let me know if you need any staff or ingame support members.
  8. Pm me if you need any loyal ingame support.
  9. Would love to hop aboard and be apart of your team.. looking to meet the right people and line myself in a new server to help build and invest time into. Been playing for years, plenty of knowledge.
  10. How much could you put up for sale on soulpl?