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  1. good morning, bump.
  2. Keep moving forward and focusing on the bigger picture of life. Create or find your purpose and/or fulfill your duties with yourself/ or your family.
  3. My name is Tyler, I am well experienced in the old school private servers industry in nearly every area relating to 317-525 since 2007. I have moderated a handful of servers over the years, the most popular being 2 speced back around 2010. -Super friendly -Loyal -Respected -Well mannered -Outgoing and organized -Creative & Productive -Responsible -Trustworthy Ready to be apart of your team and help with/and or create new ideas and suggestions of/for new content. I can fill any moderated position of your server as I work from home and have nearly 14 hours a day in-front of a computer. -Advertising -Forums editing -Moderation -Active up to 14 hours a day guaranteed. -regards
  4. Look forward toooo lookin into this & I will consider staying if its for me.. look forward to meeting you.
  5. youre discord link is invalid, tried to add. Add ' narcotics#7071'
  6. Looks good id say.. depends on the real test now.