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  1. Select them all and drag them to the desktop.. Then click on the folder and right click "compiler.pat" and replace the PATH with yours..
  2. [quote name='tr4ff1c']amazing sever[/QUOTE] Your horrible antics of bumping this thread is just horrid.. Just let Bob do the bumping.. When lurking through the 5 pages I've seen nothing but "This server is great!" and poor messages from you.. Just you alone can ruin a good thread such as this.. ON TOPIC: Bob, It looks good. The name sounds familiar though.. I'll check it out.
  3. Have you changed the IP of the server, Meaning when you downloaded the server files and the client files the server files came with an IP you have to edit in order for your forums to be online.. Either change that IP to or find another alternative.
  4. [quote name='executor']looks legit[/QUOTE] What he said.. Anyhow.. If you're serious add my Skype.. eduardo.boytoy.. I'll set it up for you on Teamviewer. Perhaps free if I'm feeling "Happy".
  5. I added your skype. Accept the request so we can commune more about the thread. :)

  6. View my thread I replied mate.

  7. Anything atleast decent we can get our hands on i suppose. until i can buy a .com domain or somthing of that nature. or we can use the 000webhost with free mysql and phpadmin hosting etc. would any of that interest you?. of you have any ideas?

  8. What kind of website will be implemented for the Web Developers to work on?

  9. [quote name='Amigos']Still looking.[/QUOTE] Replied.
  10. Don't expect any buyers.. Just sayin. Bye bye off this thread.