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  1. Hello there I am requesting for free auto donation & auto vote systems, if anyone can help I will appreciate that much.
  2. basil

    Server Reset.

    [B]Hello. Every time I do update to my server and close the run cmd all who logged in get reset, what I can do ??!?!??![/B]
  3. [B]I have 317 PI RSPS and I am interesting to make admins can spawn items, but I have a problem, I don't want them to trade/duel/drop/lose items/ anyone help me to make admin cannot do that things? Admin rank = 7 btw and I've tried to change things from config.java but doesnt work.[/B]
  4. basil

    Buy X.

    [B]Hello guys. I was searching for buy x tutorial for 317 PI, but I didn't find any, so anyone got the tutorial or have a link for it to post it here please :)[/B]
  5. basil

    PI Drop Rate

    Bump, still need help.
  6. basil

    VBulletin Service.

    [quote name='Jaguar']Useless service. If anyone needs help with installing a product then welcome to youtube. I wouldn't pay anyone $1.5 for installing a product. Or even installing vbulletin. It's so simple.[/QUOTE] It's so simple for you, that's why you say that, many people doesn't know how to do that, and this cheap service for helping them.
  7. basil

    PI Drop Rate

    [quote name='JuiceRSPS']One second, I haven't done anything on any server in a while. I'll check it, and reply in a moment.[/QUOTE] Time waiting: Today, 19:11 Time now: The time now is 21:35 So I am waiting your moment 2 hours and 24 minutes ago.
  8. basil

    PI Drop Rate

    [quote name='JuiceRSPS']Look at drops.. It's a cfg file.[/QUOTE] Dude wtf, seriously??????????? cfg???? Wow you really helped me. It's NpcDrops.TSM, but I didn't ask where to edit, I asked how to make the npc drop 25m and 1/50 kill in the same time.
  9. basil

    PI Drop Rate

    Hello I want to ask a question about drop rate I want to make for example, abyssal demon drop 25m cash and the rate of it 1 per 20 kill, how to do that?
  10. [B]Hey Guys. I am posting a thread because I am looking for an Administrator for my RSPS, we currently online 24/7 on VPS, we have like 300 registered characters on the files, but not all are active only like 5-10% are active, so most time players was online were 12, so I am looking for someone who will receive Administrator rank in game and in forums, but that will not be for free, I need somebody to help me with getting more players and advertising, if he did well with that I might start of giving him real life money, so if you interested for that job, pm me P.S. I will show you the server's advertisement thread when you add me, or just go in my started threads and you will find it. Skype: basil.obeidi Msn: [email][email protected][/email][/B]